Join us on a new adventure, into the Mysterious Void, where colors vanish, pure sound exists, the music heard, features Gothic themes, industrial even a hint of techno, all of it swirling into vast exploration of unknown boundaries, the enjoyment found by venturing into the void freeing oneself of all limitations.

In addition, the popular request of the listeners and those upset with policy matters of the site FB, I will be posting playlists, links to the bands and links to the shows please take a moment to “like” the FB page.

Mysterious Void – FIRST SHOW – 10p EST airing from NJ–first-show

Playlist for the 1st show and the links to bands


Karmic Link – Dark Metropolis  THX: LAB:

The Cascades – Dead of Dawn LAB:

Reactive Black – Dancing on your grave  LAB:

Projekt Ich – Forgotten Dreams LAB:

Velvet Seal – Torn Within

Lesbian Bed Death – When You Don’t See Me (Sisters of Mercy cover)

TSOL – Silent Scream

Lacrimosa – Copycat

Serenade – Kill Your Pain thx: lab:

Saints of Ruin – Nightmare thx:

Naut – Raise The Lights thx:


Blitzkid – Bloodletting (Concrete Blonde cover)

Whispers in the Shadow – His Name Is Legion thx:

Fading Bliss – Forest thx & lab:

Arcana 13 – Hell Behind You thx & lab:

Arcana 13

5 Times Zero – Empty Floor  thx:

Eternal Silence – Lucifer’s Lair thx:  lab:

Mirexxx – Chaos thx:

The End of Melancholy – The Demon thx:

The Guests – Highlands thx:

TANTAL – Tears of Yesterday thx:

Broken Ego – Getting Higher

Porn – Dream On (Aerosmith Cover)