As many know I run multiple podcast shows, and upon the popular request of the listeners and those upset with policy matters of the site FB, I will be posting playlists, links to the bands and links to the shows and perhaps even more at some point these for now will give advance to notice to the Halloween Blitz of Programming. Those unaware Shredding Metal Beasts started August of 2014 and continues with 169 shows, airing primarily on Tuesdays Nights, at 11p EST


2018 ep170

Show Link Below For LIVE Show 11p EST – From NJ – October 30, 2018/ Free Playback Anytime–170-show

Sacrifice – The Awakening

Danzig – Without Light I Am

VANIK – Witch Rites

OZ – Turn the Cross Upside Down

Death Pit – Hell on Hallows Eve (Michael’s Revenge)

Beastwars – Realms

RAZORWYRE – The Infinite – Desert Inferno

Satan’s Hallow – Satan’s Hallow

Critical Solution – The Headless Horsemen

Macabre – Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory

The Misfits – Night of the Living Dead

Wasteland Rocks – Mr. Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

Prowler – Haddonfield

Helloween – Halloween

Elm Street – Metal Is the Way

Axeslasher – Mark of the Pizzagram

Fog of War – They Live, We Sleep

Amken – Zombie Pets

Cage – The Beast of Bray Road

JT Ripper – Route 666

Anvil – Zombie Apocalypse

Acid Witch – Mr. Beistle

Crown of Earth – Frank

Them – The Crimson Corpse

Halloween – Go to Hell (Alice Cooper cover)

Death SS – Come to the Sabbat (Black Widow cover)


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SHREDDING METAL BEASTS ep169 October 23, 2018

This is our pre-Halloween Show

Show Link Below: For LIVE show 11p EST/ Playback anytime–169-show

KALEDON – The Evil Witch

Ravensthorn – Rosemary’s Baby

Manilla Road – Slaughterhouse

Gravehuffer – Worms Of God

Grave Digger – Witch Hunter

Black Magik – Legend


Toxic Holocaust – 666

Anger as Art – UNKNOWING UNDEAD (Live)

Betrayer F.T.M. – CITY HELL

Septagon – Home, Sweet Hell

JT Ripper – Nightstalker

ZOMBIE LAKE – Werewolf Attack

Ironlung featuring Wizard Of Ozz – Electric Funeral

Atomic Head – March Of The Urban Zombies

Craven Idol – Black Flame Divination

Shredhead – Walk With The Dead

Hellion – Nevermore

RESISTANCE – Hail to the Horns

SODOMIZER   – Amityville

DEAD STIFF – Stone Cold Zombie Cunt

Hexenizer – The Witches’ Violator

Kraptor – Night of the Living Dead

Quartz – Zombie Resurrection

Ripper – Halloween


Reanimator – The Mosh Master

Pokerface – Killed by Me

This broadcast also rebroadcast in syndication on Crushing Metal Radio housed in Vegas!  Click this below: