Well, yes we’re late, all of it due to the previous month’s meltdown, but still have the support of the site owner, it was a rough opening year, filled with pluses and minuses, however still successful, one new writer occasionally contributing. In addition, two successful giveaways one, from The Horror Times and the other Baron’s Crypt, another one is coming before the year end.

So, what really caused the missing the deadline? Simply the slow recovery of all files, the 15-year beast computer, not ready to submit to defeat, then prepping for a great NJ Horror Con show, it all became too much to overcome, as well as expanding, that’s right, taking on more. How so? Well, many know I run multiple podcast shows among them Baron’s Crypt, Sinister Death (extreme metal), Shredding Metal Beasts – now in syndication with Crushing Metal Radio, Hard Rock Madness which plays twice a month, The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors once a month, next show scheduled for October 24th, and now will be introducing Mysterious Void a gothic/industrial show starting at least once month. In addition, working with more friends and making more contacts to do more horror films. The Horror Times has no intention of ending, in fact while we struggle, a new writer joins next month, he’s a fan of my shows and will bring a new concept to the site. Speaking of the shows, a lot of horror sites have just one while clearly we have more, and with that a new section added to the Main Page – Upcoming Podcast Shows, therefore this section always updating in case of a Facebook meltdown, actually a lot of great information eventually found on this page.

Looking back in the first year October 2017 to September 2017 we had done over 75 film reviews and the highest mark achieved by the film Keep Watching with 2,610 views in 1-year! A lot of features, articles and reviews planned for the upcoming year.

Therefore, enjoy this September Issue, and prepare for the October Issue, the high holy month for Horror and Halloween fans.


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief