The metal genre, always changing and new bands march in capturing the attention of listeners, and hailing from a town called Hell, Michigan, never hurts, unless it’s the timid ears of some people. Goat War delivers speed metal with black overtones, on their limited release demo, “Warwolf” while prepping for a for full onslaught album. It originally came out on an ultra-extreme limited edition of 20-copies on CD-R format, but caught by the label Heathen Tribes and assisted by Grand Sounds PR to get this out to underground radio stations and sites. The second track ‘Fuck Possessor’ appears on the various artists CD “Arcane Anthems” released on Metal Hammer (2017).

First, some complain about their name, but when understanding their music, it is more than just a name, after all, there are over 50-bands that start their name with the word ‘goat’, next that the demo for them a trim 9-minutes. At times the tracks equal the length of punk, as opposed to speed or even black metal epic tracks, this though just a demo, the production value hurts a bit, and the band struggles to choose what they want to do speed or black. As for their premier track ‘Fuck Possessor’ it tries to reach the height of the popular anthem on the genre ‘FOAD’ but never quite equals it. However, some promising attitude on Goat War’s 4-track demo the music gives both madness and rudeness, equal to pissing on the floor of a chapel and corrupting a nun.


1 – Goathammer – 1:25

2 – Fuck Possessor – 2:11

3 – Warwolf – 2:31

4 – Black Grave – 2:28


Band Line Up:

Laamp – Drums

Julius Bloodaxe – Guitar, Bass, Vocals (backing)

Dick Nekrowulf – Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Goat War showcases an intense aggressive music attack, while still very rough, which may make some listeners turn off as not thorough clean production values, but metal is supposed to push the boundaries and promise a battle in words for them its FOAD while chugging a beer. Yes, Nekrowulf looks like King Diamond.

Baron’s Rating: 6/10 – Screams

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