Midnite Hellion debuts their first full length album entitled “Condemned to Hell” which is on Witches Brew label, though not technically their first, preceding it a Demo, EP, Single and a Live Album (2014) and then this throwback sound of traditional heavy metal with an undercurrent of speed metal running through many of the tracks. The opening track sounds as 80s reference, with the tuning of radio station, and hearing a fake broadcast appears to hint a Michael Jackson’s song. WAIT! It cranks in the right direction and generates a feverish-sound, which races through the first four opening tracks.

They understood and attacked the classic metal genre very nicely, especially with the track-5 “Soldiers of Hades” and the vocalist, knowing his range, the band as a core obviously cherish their musical influence of Armored Saint and Judas Priest, noting found in the guitars riffs and the solid drumming. Not all the album like this, it tends to rest in the heavy metal but switching to both thrash and speed, for example, “The Fever” gives an old school Metallica feel to the track before sliding to into a Maiden feeling after 2:34 of this song.

As for the last song “Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos” a great cheesy track for an upcoming horror b-movie, from director Anthony Catanese who’s movie contains the same name. It feels more of punk-rocker influence a bit of The Ramones, while rumored that the song The Morrigan might also find the inclusion in the film; too. of the same name and created for the forthcoming retro B-movie of the same name.

Track Listing:
1 – Black and White – 4:03
2 – Death Dealer – 4:09
3 – Cross the Line – 3:25
4 – Enter the Nightmare – 5:21
5 – Soldiers of Hades – 3:49
6 – The Fever – 4:32
7 – Rip it Up – 1:47
8 – The Morrigan – 5:14
9 – Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos – 4:16

The vocals at times feel as pushing the lyrics, but the guitarists and drummer makes up for any imperfections, however this review comes via MP3, which lessens the music, the CD edition has currently a limit of 700. Nevertheless, the music contains a baseline of heavy metal from the 1980s when metal rose to great heights, and yet Midnite Hellion generate their own path and still paid respect to the bands which came before them.

Baron’s Rating: 3.7/5 – screams

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