When one mentions the death metal genre several bands come to mind most likely Death, Immolation and Deicide to name a few, the entire genre, contains many subgenres, giving great variation therefore there’s always room in the dungeon of death. Daemusinem, from Italy, delivers their latest album after a 5-year wait from Crossecution (EP), fret not this band brings hellish riffs and death vocals. Therefore, with their latest creation “The Ungodly Defiance” released by Willowtip Records, really showing their journey from a demo in 2000 to now, with a death and black metal whipped into a hellfire tornado of intensity. This time around they present a conceptual base album on a mysterious real-life preacher named Fra Dolcino who lived in the 13th-century, condemned as a heretic by the Catholic Church for his practice of poverty which was in opposition to wealth of structures (castles) and land. The confusion over his death still hides in secrecy some stating the evidence of his trial and death lays within the Vatican and though his disciples’ fate well-known they all burned alive. According to information released by the band Dolcino in fact tortured (dismembered from limb to limb) and then burned at the stake, this to historians lays in conjecture.

An interesting topic for a death metal band with overtones of black metal influences especially starting the song ‘Natural Born Satanist’ with an extremely short snippet from Sean Connery’s movie The Name of the Rose (1986). Whichever the cause one thing remains true, a thrash and speed metal influence lies on some of the tracks and a fuller sound of Deicide pours through, wanting to lash off the flesh of all who stand in their way.

This soundly gives a richness still found in the dearth metal genre, as the band pours sweat and blood into every track, no letdowns, the only breaks comes from preaching or movie quotes otherwise the barbaric intensity fills any room, especially on ‘Golgotha’ however truly any track will find your attention. In addition, the band does switch up the tempos and riffs, and even the drumming takes on new degrees, basically it’s not an endless repeating cycle, as another incredibly short sample on ‘Despaired Path of Suffering’ reference Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992). These samples, which occurs on these tracks sadly ruin the actual incredible production, they tend for far too short samples for worthwhile impact.

Track List:
1 – Natural Born Satanist – 3:28
2 – Penitenziagite – 3:11
3 – Unholy Trinity – 2:46
4 – Monolithic Confession – 3:27
5 – Gospel Truth is Bloodshed – 3:33
6 – The Denial of Dethronement – 5:43
7 – Despaired Path of Suffering – 2:59
8 – Golgotha – 3:00
9 – Execrate the Cursed Martyr – 3:02

If you seek unbridled intensity and a return to classic death metal, look no further than Daemusinem’s “The Ungodly Defiance” and in fact treat yourself to an actual CD or if you prefer a vinyl copy on a white album with blood red splatter limited to 150 copies. I listened and reviewed this from an MP3 of the entire album from Willowtip, and am very pleased with the extreme and brutal metal found herein, as will you too.

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5 – Screams!

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