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Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) – By Baron Craze

An important item to understand about this movie is the filmmakers didn’t concern themselves with continuity too much, they wanted the plot and storyline quickly done and a simple scenario, a group of folks in middle of nowhere are stalked, slashed, stabbed, and slaughtered. They weren’t attempting to make a lot of scenes, rather speed…

Friday the 13th (1980) – By Baron Craze

Since there’s over 187 film reviews of the flick, and likely every cinematic fan, especially the horror fiends, fans, and gurus it is thoroughly impossible to discover anything new about this creation, add-in all the books, interviews, documentaries and convention morsels and appears everything that can be and has been said. Therefore, why toss another…

The Bloody ‘Friday the 13th’ Lawsuit – By Baron Craze

Many of the horror fans find themselves choosing sides in the legal battle of Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller, it’s a bit like a version of Freddy vs. Jason, except this all has real world implications that jeopardized the enjoyment for the fans and the financial costs of both parties named above seeking rewards….