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Celebrate FRIDAY THE 13TH 40th Anniversary in Ultimate Style!

You must’ve known that something ideally special was lurking the shadows, waiting for that moment you were most comfortable before stunningly slashing into your life. Shout Factory to the stab, and unleashing the Ultimate Package for Horror Fans. If you recall their Halloween Franchise Package then you’ll sure to scream with delight with this one….

NECA and Friday the 13th Collecting

I bet many of the readers of The Horror Times and other horror sites/ publications heavily collect Friday the 13th figurines, movies, comics, posters (especially the full sized 24 x 36) not those 11 x 14 insert types and books. Some noted the recent pre-order of Roy to the Friday the 13th A new Beginning,…

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) – By Baron Craze

There isn’t a horror fan who doesn’t know of Jason, the Friday the 13th franchise, and each one has their favorite part, and while this might not be might be my favorites it is in the top three of the series, the others Friday the 13th: Part Vi: Jason Lives and Part VII: The New…

The Bloody ‘Friday the 13th’ Lawsuit – By Baron Craze

Many of the horror fans find themselves choosing sides in the legal battle of Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller, it’s a bit like a version of Freddy vs. Jason, except this all has real world implications that jeopardized the enjoyment for the fans and the financial costs of both parties named above seeking rewards….

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story (2017) – By Baron Craze

When anyone in the horror genre, hears the name Kane Hodder they often think of his iconic portrayal of Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th Franchise, although starring in only of the 4 films he made a lasting impression, which incidentally matches the same number for reprises the role of Victor Crowley of the…