Sinister Death Episode 171, Special Day and Time Easter, April 17, 2022 – 12a–extreme-metal-171st-easter-show


Principality of Hell – A Prayer [SPLIT-UP]

Necroblood – The Rite of Evil

Marduk – Fuck Me Jesus (Intro)

666 – When I Spit on Cross [NO INFO]

Wintercorpse – Intestines Adorn the Cross

Acheron – I.N.R.I (False Prophet)

Countess – In Hate of Christ

Masturbation with the Bible – Inserting An Enema Into His Rotten Christian Cavity

Seeds of Hate – Persecution of Christian Filth [NO INFO]

Tartarus Gate – Blood Of The Nazarene (The Ritual)

Leviathan – Liar of Nazareth [NO INFO]

Venereal Baptism – To Castrate Angelic Grace

Deathincarnation – Antichristian

Sad – Tricked By The Light [NO INFO]

Sonn av Skogen – Pagans’ Death [NO INFO]

Necrosadistic Goat Torture – Sermon For The Weak

Blood Thirsty Demons – Invocation

Gravewürm – Massacre in Heaven

Black Witchery – Destruction of The Holy Kingdom Which Spawned The Cursed Trinity of God

Anal Blasphemy – Masturbation for the Virgin Whore

Decayed – Burning the Priest

Blasphemer – Jesus Rapes

Nunslaughter – INRI

Veldraveth – Suffer Jesus Still Suffer

Arvas – Impaled Jehova

Profanatica – Rotten Scriptures

Celestial Bloodshed – Gospel of Hate [NO INFO – SPLIT-UP]

Goatblood (Germany) – Satan Fucks the Universe

Piss on Christ – Fuck Jesus Up The Ass

Crest of Darkness – Scourged and Crucified

Death Vomit – At Your Dying Faith

Total Satan – Total Satan [NO INFO]

Black Souls Death – Eyes of Total Hate

Sunlight’s Bane – From Heaven Wept

Virgin’s Rape – Black Cunt Altar

Piss on Christ – Fuck God And Christ (Fuck Religion)

GoatPenis – Jesus Coward

Sinners Bleed – Jesus’ Delusion Army

True Black Dawn – Forever Rotting Nazarene

Behexen – Christ Forever Die


Watain – The Howling

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