Tonight Feb 10, at 1130p from NJ – our Valentine’s Day show – a true Abomination to Decency, just look at that playlist.–episode-170-extreme-metal


Anal Grind – Anal Crusher

MOSS – A Wet Pussy Is A Good Pussy [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Antichrist Hooligans – Satanic Whore

Impaler of Pest – Sexual Black Worship

Luciferum Penis – In The Mouth Of The Nun

Debauchery – Blowjob Barbie

Piss On Christ – Fuck Jesus Up The Ass

Graveyard Ghoul – Necrotic Lust

Goat Worship – Goddess of Lust

Crypt – Disgusting Lust

Enjoy My Bitch – Cum Ass

Gore Obsessed – Meet Rocky de Sade (The Sexual Deviant)

Cuntsuc – Nectar Of Lust

Pathologic Noise – War Lust (Queen Of Carnal Pleasure)

PTAHIL – Witches’ Lust (Sluts of Satan)

Masturbation with the Bible – Fist Fuck the Nun

Cemetery Lust – Sexual Maniac

Draconis Infernum – Anal Madonna

Deranged – Cum On Command

Flammenkrieg – German Pussy Slut  [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Luciferian – Send Me The Lust

Krater – Lust To Burn

Ad Hominem – You Are My Slut

Krampus – Graveyard Blowjob

Hellripper – Blood Orgy of the She-Devils

Tsatthoggua – Courtesan Mary Slut

Midnight – Sadist Sodomystic Seducer

Abigail – Sweet Baby Metal Sluts

Zagan – Crucifucked  [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Goatblood – Sexcraving Witchcunt

Rotting Grandma Corpse – Wrinkled Titty Fuck [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

KULD – Sexcraft

Bloodstrike – S.S.B. (Sex, Satan, Beer)

Limbsplitter – Caustic Cumshower

Anal Vomit – Obsessive Sexual Slaughter

Virgin’s Rape – Anal Goat Bitch

Deathsurrection – Fuck the Innocent

TYPHUS – We Rape the Cunt of the Virgin Mary

Incinerate – Fucking the Rotting Nun

Krueger – Flesh, Lust, Temptation

BloodKlot – What Cunt Fuck You

Weregoat – Goat Lust

Demon Vomit – Anal Nun

Exhumed – Sex, Drinks, and Metal


Sure Shot Worx

*****                                                   *****                                   *****