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Elvira Meets Vincent Price #4

Types: 4 Covers – Cover A – Acosta; Cover B – Samu; Cover C – Marques & Bone; Cover D – Photo of Elvira

By: David Avallone, Juan Samu, Dave Acosta, Anthony Marques, J. Bone

Series: Elvira Meets Vincent Price

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Summary: Amunet reads The Spell of the Final Day, and Amun-Ra returns, bringing death and destruction with him! And everyone’s invited to watch on their favorite streaming service! Can they be stopped? Can the Mistress of the Dark save the world from a pair of ancient gods’ armed only with a DVD of an unreleased horror movie from the seventies? Sure, it sounds crazy when you put it like that, but you won’t know just how crazy ’til you read ‘Inglorious Bastet,’ the thrilling conclusion of Elvira and Vincent Price’s first adventure together brought to you by writer David Avallone and artist Juan Samu.

*****                                   ******                                                *****

The Rise #3 (of 6)

Types: The third issue of six

By: George C. Romero, Diego Yapur

Publisher: Heavy Metal Magazine

Summary: While the 1960s begins the journey that will end with the era’s cemented reputation, Dr. Ryan Cartwright’s program is advancing through the shadows of the times while hastening its creator’s descent into his own darkness. Forced to face the point of no return and the truth about how far he is willing to go to achieve his goals, there is only one more step to take before real-world implementation of Cartwright’s monsters is a go.

*****                                   ******                                                *****

Hellcop #3

Types: 4 Types – Cover A – Haberlin & Van Dyke; Cover B – Drew & Haberlin; Cover C – Portacio & McFarlane; Cover D – Portacio & McFarlane Virgin

By:  Brian Haberlin, Geirrod Vandyke, Drew, Whilce Portacio, Geirrod Vandyke, Todd Mcfarlane

Publisher: Image Comics

Note: Cover B – Drew & Haberlin – Presents as parody of Playboy the cover is Playdemon shown here.

Summary: ‘A COLD DAY IN HELL’ In Hell, Virgil is confronted with the true depth of the conspiracy surrounding him. He may have found a reluctant witness that could clear his name-IF he can get them back to Earth. But how does one escape Hell?

*****                                   ******                                                *****

Two Moons #8

Types: Cover A – Giangiordano & Niro; Cover B – Mahnke & Crabtree

By: John Arcudi, Valerio Giangiordano, Giovanna Niro, Doug Mahnke, Giovanna Niro, Bill Crabtree

Publisher: Image Comics

Summary: ‘GHOST WAR,’ Part Three A band of Buffalo Soldiers are hounded across the Kansas Plains by fierce Ghost Warriors, while Two Moons cannot escape the deathly specters of his past-or his future!

*****                                   ******                                                *****

Basilisk #6

Types: Cover A – Scharf; Cover B – Rebelka

By: Cullen Bunn, Jonas Scharf, Jakub Rebelka

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Summary: Following a message from Regan, Hannah rushes to stop the Chimera as they unleash a deadly attack at a shopping center. * But are Barret and the amassed Faithful playing a more sinister game of chess, which will leave Hannah and Regan cornered… unable to escape?

*****                                   ******                                                *****

Walking Dead Deluxe #30

Types:  Cover A – Finch & McCaig; Cover B – Adlard & McCaig; Cover C – Bressan & Lucas

By: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, David Finch, Dave Mccaig, Charlie Adlard, Andrei Bressan, Dave Mccaig, Adriano Lucas

Publisher: Image Comics

Summary: Back at the prison, the search for Rick, Michonne, and Glenn has been unsuccessful until Tyreese returns. A storm is on the horizon, and the survivors aren’t prepared for what’s to come. This deluxe presentation in STUNNING FULL COLOR also features another installment of Cutting Room Floor and creator commentary.

*****                                   ******                                                *****

Evil Ernie #2

Types: Cover A – Suydam; Cover B – Tan

By: Scott Lobdell, Ariel Medel, Philip Tan

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Summary: ‘The rebirth of the bad boy of comics continues in this high voltage rock n’ roll fantasy by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Ariel Medel! Ernest – we’re getting to now know him as Ernie, as in ‘Evil’ Ernie’ faces the repercussions from the previous issue as the horror of what he’s becomes grows and his memories darken… Lobell and Medel are joined this month by Philip (Uncanny X-Men) Tan, who joins the zombie king himself – Arthur Suydam — to deliver the hottest horror covers around! Evil Ernie first appeared in December 1991.

*****                                   ******                                                *****

Hellboy: The Bones of Giants #3

By: Christopher Golden, Chris O’Halloran, Matt Smith, Mike Mignola

Publisher: Dark Horse

Summary: Hellboy, still inhabited by the ghost of the Norse god Thor, has his first confrontation with the newly resurrected Frost King Thrym! But not having recovered his full strength yet, Thrym slips away and leaves Hellboy to follow a grisly path toward their next encounter.

Based on the novel by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden, this comics adaptation brings readers into Hellboy’s fight against the Frost Giants with stunning art by Matt Smith and colors by Chris O’Halloran.


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