This is our most vile, offensive show to date, Sinister Death there’s nothing anywhere like it, the bands names and songs compete with our DJ Baron to see wins the Abomination of Decency this used be part of Shredding Metal Beasts but the listeners couldn’t handle the intensity.

We only play, Black, Death, Grindcore and Doom!

******                                 *****                           *****–extreme-metal-166th-halloween-show


Necroblood – The Rite of Evil

Ragnell – Ritual of Blood

666 – Revenge of the Dead Souls [no info on the band]

Acheron – Prayer Of Hell !!!

Archgoat – Black Mass Mysticism

Piss On Christ – Drown In Blood

Beastcraft – Unholy Blood Ritual

Profanatica – Fuck the Messiah

Behemoth – The Satanist

Gore Obsessed – The Devil Rides Out

Behexen – Towards the Father

Evil Brain Taste – Hello, I Want to Kill You

Bykürius – Bark at the Moon (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

Bryan Eckermann – Succubus

Sadist – Bloody Bates

Troglodyte – Don’t Go in the Woods

The Ogre – The Curse of Camp Crystal Lake

Morphosys – The Saw Is Family

Cropsy Maniac – The Burning

Gorgasm – Deadfuck

Depraved – 50 Shades of Blood

Surgikill – Devil Haunted Dreams

Possession (Belgium) – Take the Oath

Black Mass Pervertor – Chalice of Blood

Cultus Profano – Ceremony of the Black Flame, Op 4

Darkness Avowed – Ave Satanas

Aeon Winds – Inno a Satana (Emperor Cover)

Infernal Legion – In Hell We Reign

COME BACK FROM THE DEAD – Possessed By the Death


Marduk – Fuck Me Jesus (Intro)

Zombie Lake – The Ceremony

Fatal Portrait – Is That’s you Melissa (Mercyful Fate cover) [no info on the band]

Abraxas – Leviathan of Blood and Fire [no info on the band]

Gorified – Autopsy Devourment

Coffin Curse – Chopped Clean Off

AVULSED – Zombie Ritual (Death Cover)

Fecalizer – The Dead Shall Rise

Broken Gravestones – Intro- Sounds from the Manchester’s Morgue/ Let Sleeping Corpses Lie [no info on the band]

Deeds of Flesh – Deeds of Flesh

The Rite – Prayer to Satan

Death – Scream Bloody Gore

Funeral March