I’ve seen horror movies in every possible genre and subgenre in the horror kingdom, from arthouse to experimental and the splatterpunk to exploitation, even plenty of psychological thrillers and often wonder has my eyes witness everything, well when I saw the wickedly wild Night of Something Strange [2016] and the horrendous Shark Exorcist [2015] I thought my answer was a resounding yes. However, when a friend handed me this movie Sodomaniac, which at its base is a rape revenge flick, that approaches the material from behind, and reeks of offensive images, behaviors, and ghastly dialogue it shows a lot of bad taste. Therefore, take heed of my warning, this film is not for everyone rather it’s phenomenally over-the-top and not for queasy.

The man, responsible for this repulsive creation is Anthony Catanese (Girls Just Wanna Have Blood [2019]), handles a majority of screenwriter duties as well as a slew of other jobs, that are quite the prerequisite for indie filmmakers, it was Steve Revesz who came up with the over story, which must be a filthy mindset. While the film is considered a horror-comedy, one needs to tread carefully on the comedy, because the floor its rests on very slippery, disgusting jokes, along with a few pratfalls. One might realize I am pouring in some subtle references to a certain part of the anatomy, well it’s needed, without becoming too crass on the subject material. The production companies for this movie were namely A Different Path Films, Exit 7A, and D.I.Why? and the distribution was Wild Eye Releasing, which later released the movie in the new sub-division Raw & Extreme, two words that thoroughly describes this flick as it claws to gain attention in the far underground market.

So how to start this, with the image of horrific anal carnage, seriously all in 1-minute and 34-seconds, and a bit of an anti-gay reference ‘joke’, right there it establishes whether you want to push deeper into this flick or stop witnessing the hideous penetration into reaching your mind, face it once seen it’s hard to unsee any of it. There’re two subplots that eventually do connect, first a gang called Wolfpack is deviant unruly guys drugging women and raping them, only to laugh at them upon them waking to see the hooligans staring at them; and then there’s a serial killer with a foul repulsive mask who performs a version of anal sex to death brutality. I know you trying to piece that together, it actually reminds one scene in Ken Russell’s thriller Crimes of Passion, which starred Anthony Perkins, in which he shows a pointed sex toy as wish to be screwed to death (found below) because of his unlawful lusts. Fret not it’s not a movie solely about watching rapes occur and doesn’t hold anything to either Ms. 45 [1981] or the exploitation infamous movie I Spit on Your Grave [1978] but unleashes buckets of gore.

As for the extras it contains a good amount for merely a DVD, the ability to play commentary with cast commentary, play the movie with crew commentary, original opening, original ending, outtakes, a music video of “Can’t Answer the Phone” and then the short film “Mime and Punishment” and three trailers – WOW – that’s a fully packed in a set special features and this again is a special edition. Let’s also note that this movie actually has a more graphic weird cover than Wild Eye’s standard refresh edition. The picture at the top of this review is the new version this one below is the original; you judge for yourselves which is more for your taste. Oh, the acting is standard for what is often found in the extremely ultra-low budget, but it’s from an enthusiastic cast, which enjoys the insanity of the story and passion of the director. Lastly, as weird as the story actually is, there’s a lot of work involved in this script, a basic slasher film with extreme dark and bleak humor, thoroughly politically incorrect. Just remember that these indie filmmakers barely had a budget but had the experience and knowledge how to put good usage especially with regard to the editing and spreading it wide for camerawork.

While Sodomanic is a gross and fun flick, for the select few, and the rest will run far, far away, burying the head under pillows, just make sure your bum is pointing upwards, or some might think of a sequel. This film, truly shows the freedom the director and his crew/cast thrown this slimy sick creation, while not a straight mess, it delivers plenty of blood and gore, something Troma Films would provide to its legion of fans, in a Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 [2013] does an old-school mosh-pit with Ryan Nicholson’s Gutterballs [2008], which was developed into a bizarre cult status for twisted viewers.



  • Your bros may have your back, but whose got your ass?
  • Everyone Gets it in the End.



IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

Baron’s rating: 5.0/10


This trailer is very NSFW