Well, friends and fiends, welcome to another issue of The Horror Times, first a few things, I wanted to thank a reader of ours Tim O’Donnell (The Celtic Critic on Twitter) he gave such an incredible message to me about how I sent him the DVD of Witches Blood [2014], an out-of-print film from director and film festival owner Ryan Scott Weber. I have always put the fans of horror first, without them nothing in the genre we all love and cherish all sorts of reasons would be possible. Then I wanted to pass along the many posts, messages, emails, and tweets that wished me a Happy Birthday, it’s always fascinating that people take a minute to pass these along. In the past I would work on the holidays and birthdays, sacrificing so much, but in the past years I was encouraged to slow down, take in the time to spend with family and friends.

It’s equally humbling and incredibly hard work that The Horror Times Facebook site is now with over 2,000 likes, just last year in March we were at 600, all I can say is thanks, we will continue to deliver great issues, covering all aspects of the horror genre.

Now, for most of you this next item will sound completely silly in fact bizarre, it appears that some are still confused on promotional work, I’m not going to name any names, business, or sites; however here is a crazy example. Person X objected to a very minor fee (say $25 for a year of promotion of their site) this was considered too much, their counter free, plus a press release, interview, appearance on a podcast and a video interview with me paying them for their appearance – WTF. I do not work that way; it doesn’t work that way. Crazy I know.

Let’s dive into the seriousness the Horror genre, is marching back, with plenty of merchandise becoming available, and the movies are as rabid as a zombie horde encroaches from every side. In fact, there’s plenty of horror film festivals ramping up, so many first and second year ones; look for press releases concerning them in upcoming weeks.  Some might say that the past few issues are rather small, well that is true we are working on some lengthy interviews and articles, even a topic was chosen to do… but those require research. As for the reviews, yeah, they slacked, but we devised a plan to right the issue, so hopefully that works out well.


Until next month – stay safe and enjoy all the horror you can including this site!



Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor in Chief