Old school stalwarts CRAVEN IDOL celebrates their 15th anniversary with third opus Forked Tongues. Swearing by the gods of old, the North London veterans further hone their unique blend of old school extreme metal.


Dark Descent Records will release Forked Tongues on CD, vinyl, cassette and digital formats on July 23.


“After spending a month on the road with Mystifier, we are a closer-knit unit than ever before. There’s a good reason for this being the longest standing line-up in our fifteen-year existence. The entire band lived and breathed this record in the months preceding the studio, and the performances delivered by each member are testament to their dedication to untarnished extreme metal of old,” says founding member Sadistik Wrath. “’Forked Tongues’ is a vicious and concerted tribute to folly of mankind. In these godless days of Sodom, craven idols are in their element, wheeling and dealing, beckoning you to follow their treacherous causes. The apocalyptic legends of ancient Greece read like unholy divination… and it is from them that we drew the subject matter for the record.”


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tom Dring at Southport’s Vagrant Recordings, Forked Tongues showcases a rawer side of CRAVEN IDOL, aiming to bottle the band’s live ferocity.


Shunning the trends and genre-specifications poisoning the scene, CRAVEN IDOL pay homage to a wide variety of bands, including Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Master’s Hammer, Manilla Road, Gospel Of The Horns, Sodom, Satan, Poison (Ger), Candlemass, Mystifier, Cirith Ungol, and Absu, to name just a few.


Track listing:

Venomous Rites

The Wrath of Typhon

Iron Age of Devastation

Even the Demons…

Forked Tongues

Deify the Stormgod

The Gods Have Left Us for Dead


The album takes on the anomalous tale of the serpentine beast Typhon, the fiercest of all Titans in Greek Mythology. The ‘Father of Monsters’ is said to have challenged Zeus to do battle for cosmic supremacy, ultimately succumbing to the Olympian’s might, and facing imprisonment beneath Mount Aetna. According to legend, the sporadic eruptions of the volcano are due to the enduring wrath of Typhon.


Instead of merely reciting an ancient myth, Forked Tongues acts as sequel to the original tale, with Typhon returning to settle old scores. The power of the Olympians has waned over millennia, with their ambitions tamed by excess and indulgence. Meanwhile, the misguided worship of a fictitious Golden Age has facilitated Typhon’s escape. A corpulent Zeus now faces the hundred-headed monstrosity once again.


Forked Tongues is a cautionary tale, warning of all craven idols.


The monumental artwork, courtesy of master painter Eliran Kantor (Sodom, Incantation, Testament, Atheist) displays a scene of our world on the brink of total devastation.


“Peculiarly enough, the original front cover concept was inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, more specifically the woodblock print (Ukiyo-e) ‘The Dragon of Smoke Escaping From Mount Fuji’. Completed 1849, the work is thought to have been one of Hokusai’s last.


In Kantor’s piece, Shizuoka is replaced by Sicily, Fuji by Aetna, and the dragon by Typhon. The back cover also loosely pays homage to ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa.'”


CRAVEN IDOL, along with Dark Descent Records labelmates GRAVE MIASMA, will play a double album release show at The Electrowerks in London on Sunday, July 11. For tickets and details, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/143880240996346/



CRAVEN IDOL was formed as a two-piece in 2005 by J. Scourger and S. Vrath. A highly acclaimed demo caught the attention of Hammer of Hate Records, who released the Ethereal Altars MLP in 2010. Subsequently, a live line-up was then assembled, desecrating such prestigious ceremonies as the Armageddon Festival (UK), Black Mass Ritual (FIN), North Of The Wall (SCT), Old Grave Fest (RO), In The Grip Of Winter (NL), Finnfest (UK), as well embarking on a month-long European tour with the legendary Mystifier (BR) in 2018, including a performance at the Never Surrender Fest (DE).


CRAVEN IDOL signed with DARK DESCENT RECORDS in 2013, and the oath endures to this day. Forked Tongues is their third album on the label, following highly acclaimed debut Towards Eschaton (2013) and follow-up The Shackles of Mammon (2017); produced by Greg Chandler of ESOTERIC-fame. Three years to date from recording their second album, CRAVEN IDOL hit Southport’s Vagrant Recordings to track their third opus Forked Tongues in Fall 2019.



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