Born on April 1

1982 – Sam Huntington, appeared  in “Being Human – TV Series,” “iZombie – TV Series,” “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night,” “Warehouse 13 – TV Series” and “Kill Command.”

1981 – Hannah Spearritt, who appears on the TV series “Primeval” and in the film “The Seed of Chucky.”

1980 – Bijou Phillips, starred in “Hostel: Part 2,” “Octane,” “The Wizard of Gore [2007],” “It’s Alive” and “Venom.”

1971 – Jessica Collins, appeared in “Leprechaun 4: In Space” and “Ritual.”

1968 – Traci Lind, appeared in “Werewolf – TV Series,” “Fright Night Part 2,” “Spellcaster” and “Class of 1999.”

1960 – Jennifer Runyon appeared in “Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival,” “Carnosaur,” “Ghostbusters” and “To All a Goodnight”.

1959 – Rob Bottin, is a makeup effects artist wizard responsible for creatures in such films as “The Fog [1980],” “Maniac,” “The Howling,” “The Thing [1982],” “King Kong [1976],” “Piranha,” “The Fury” and “Se7en”.

1883 – Lon Chaney, Sr. He appeared in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame [1923],” “The Phantom of the Opera [1925],” “The Unholy Three,” “London After Midnight” and many more.

1875 – Edgar Wallace, mystery writer who wrote the story on which the screen play for “King Kong” was based.

Died on April 1

2020 – Adam Lyons Schlesinger, did the soundtrack for “Venom [2005].”

Performed by The Click Five:

2009 – Lou Perryman, appeared in “The Cellar,” “Poltergeist [1982]” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”.

2007 – George Sewell, appeared in “Horror House,” an episode of “Tales of the Unexpected,” and “Fox Mystery Theater.”

2004 – Carrie Snodgress, starred in the films “Trick or Treats,” “The Forsaken” and “Ed Gein”.

Films Released on April 1

The Strangler [1964]
Deadly Eyes [1982]
The Seventh Sign [1988]
Hyper Space [1989]
Satan’s Schoolgirls [2004]
Dead Birds [2005] – Crossroads Film Festival
Zombie Honeymoon [2005] – Chicago Horror Film Festival
Dead Moon Rising [2007]
Beverly Hills Massacre [2008]
Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas [2009]
Monster Beach Party [2009]

Necrosis [2009]
One Last Sunset [2010]
House of White Spiders [2010]
Insidious [2010]

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Born on April 2

1984 – Shawn Roberts, appeared in “Skinwalkers,” “Resident Evil: Afterlife,” “Diary of the Dead” and “Land of the Dead.”

1979 – Lindy Booth, appeared in “Cry Wolf,” “Dawn of the Dead [2004]” and “Wrong Turn [2003].”

1949 – Ron Palillo, appeared in “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives,” “Hellgate” and “Trees 2: The Root of All Evil.”

1934 – Brian Glover, appeared in the films “An American Werewolf In London,” “Alien 3” & “The Company of Wolves.”

Died on April 2

2020 – Ronald Graham, appeared in “13 Gantry Row – TV Movie.”

2015 – Tom Towles, appeared in “Rob Zombie’s Halloween,” “Grindhouse,” “The Devil’s Rejects,” “House of 1000 Corpses,” “The Borrower,” “The Pit and the Pendulum [1991],” “Night of the Living Dead [1990],” “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” and more.

2013 – Jess Franco, writer/producer/cinematographer/director for “The Awful Dr. Orlof,” “Succubus,” “Count Dracula,” “Vampyros Lesbos,” “The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein,” “A Virgin Among the Living Dead,” “Zombie 5,” “The Demons“ and many more.

2002 – Henry Slesar, wrote episodes for several TV series, including “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” “The Twilight Zone” and the screenplays for the films “Two on a Guillotine” and “Murders In The Rue Morgue.”

2002 – Jack Kruschen, appeared in the films “Abbott & Costello Go To Mars,” “The Angry Red Planet,” “War of the Worlds [1953]” and “Satan’s Cheerleaders”.

1997 – Tomoyuki Tanaka, producer for Godzilla [1954] and numerous other Godzilla films.

Films Released on April 2

The Return of Dracula [1958]
Evil of Dracula [1975]

The House of Exorcism [1975] – Italy
Dario Argento’s Inferno [1980]

The Last Shark [1981] – Italy
Basket Case [1982]

Cat People [1982]
Silent Rage [1982]
The Frightening [2002]

The Dark – aka “The Descent” [2005] – Philadelphia International Film Festival

Hatchet [2006]
The Monster of Phantom Lake [2006] – Faux Film Festival

A Cadaver Christmas [2011]

13 Eerie [2013]

Hell Girl [2019]

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Born on April 3

1962 – Jennifer Rubin, starred in “Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors,” “Bad Dreams” and “Screamers”

1961 – Eddie Murphy, starred in Wes Craven’s “Vampire in Brooklyn” and “The Haunted Mansion.”

1944 – Lamberto Bava, directed of “Demons,” “Demons 2” “Delirium” and more.

1939 – Eric Braeden, starred in “Colossus The Forbin Project,” “Death Race,” “The Werewolf” and appeared in “Piranha,” and an episode of “The Night Stalker.”

1926 – Andrew Keir, starred in “Quatermass & the Pit” and “Dracula, Prince of Darkness”.

1924 – Marlon Brando, played “Dr. Moreau” in the 1996 version of “The Island of Dr. Moreau”.

Died on April 3

2020 – Hans Meyer, appeared in “Cruel,” “Morteterre,” “Brotherhood of the Wolf” and episodes of “Thriller” and “Department S.”

2020 – Hilary Dwyer, appeared in “Cry of the Banshee,” “The Oblong Box,” “The Body Stealers” and “Witchfinder General.”

2019 – Jerzy Wójcik, cinematographer for “Mother Joan of the Angels.”

2006 – Joseph Bernard, appeared in “The Granny,” “Warlock: The Armageddon” and “The Twilight Zone”.

1999 – Howard Cohen, writer/director whose credits include “Saturday the 14th” and “The Vampire Hookers”.

1996 – Herk Harvey, producer/director and star of “Carnival of Souls”.

Films Released on April 3

Mystery on Monster Island [1981]
Primal Fear [1996]
The Butcher Boy [1998] – USA [limited]
Joe Nosferatu: Homeless Vampire [2004]
The Deep Dark Woods: No Witnesses [2004]
The Curse Of El Charro [2005]
Man With the Screaming Brain [2005]
Supercroc [2007]

Alien Trespass [2009]

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