January 24

Born on January 24

1986 – Mischa Barton, appeared in “Spree,” “Ouija House,” “The Toybox,” “The Basement,” “The Sixth Sense,” “Walled In,” “Apartment 1303 3D,” “A Resurrection,” and “Zombie Killers: Elephant’s Graveyard.”

1984 – Ashley C. Williams, appeared in “The Human Centipede – First Sequence,” “Paranormal Movie,” “Hallows’ Eve,” “Julia” and “The Church.”

1970 – Matthew Lillard, starred in “Scream,” Thir13en Ghosts [2001] and “Scooby Doo.”

1959 – Nastassja Kinski, appeared in “To the Devil a Daughter,” Cat People [1982] and “.com For Murder.”

1948 – Michael Des Barres, appeared in “Waxwork II: Lost in Time,” “Nightflyers,” “Deadly Nightmares – TV Series,” “Ghoulies” and more.

1943 –Sharon Tate, appeared in “The Fearless Vampire Killers.”

1917 –Ernest Borgnine, starred in the films “Willard,” “The Devil’s Rain” and “Escape From New York.”

Died on January 24

2020 – Sean Reinert, drummer on Death’s “Human” album.

2012 – James Farentino, appeared in “Rod Serling’s Night Gallery,” as well as the TV Movie “The Cradle Will Fall.” “Violent Midnight,” “The Possessed” and “Dead & Buried”.

1990 – Madge Bellamy, starred in “White Zombie.”

1980 – Lil Dagover, starred in “The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari”

1973 – J. Carrol Naish, starred in the films “House of Frankenstein,” “The Beast with Five Fingers,” “Calling Dr Death,” “Dr Renault’s Secret,” “Strange Confession,” “The Monster Maker” and “Dracula vs. Frankenstein”.

Films Released on January 24

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra [2001]
Darkness Falls [2003]
Horror in The Wind [2008]

Frozen [2010] – Sundance Film Festival

Color Out of Space [2019]

The Turning [2020]

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January 25

Born on January 25

1979 – Christine Lakin, has appeared in “The Frankenstein Theory,” ‘Boltneck,” “Red Canyon,” “Blue Demon” and “Dark Mirror.”

1975 – Mia Kirshner, appeared in “War of the Worlds – TV Series,” “Dracula: The Series,” “Wolf Lake – TV Series,” “Party Monster,” “The Barrens,” “388 Arletta Avenue,” “They Come Back,” “The Black Dahlia” and “30 Days of Night: Dark Days”.

1963 – Don Mancini, Writer/Director of “Cellar Dweller,” “Child’s Play,” “Child’s Play 2,″ “Child’s Play 3,″ “Bride of Chucky,” “Seed of Chucky,” “Curse of Chucky” and the Child’s Play remake.

1944 – Leigh Taylor-Young, appeared in “Soylent Green,” “Aliens from Spaceship Earth,” “Looker” and “Addams Family Reunion.”

1943 – Tobe Hooper, director whose films include “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974],” “Poltergeist [1982],” ”Lifeforce,” “Funhouse” the TV movie “Salem’s Lot,” “Eaten Alive,” “The Mangler,” “Toolbox Murders,” “Crocodile” and more.

1938 – Ray Dennis Steckler, director of The Horny Vampire” and “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?”

1927 – Gregg Palmer, appeared in “From Hell It Came,” “The Zombies of Mora Tau” and “The Creature Walks Among Us.”

1918 – King Donovan, appeared in Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1956] and “The Magnetic Monster.”

1916 – Albert Glasser, composer who scored the films “The Cyclops,” “Earth vs. the Spider,” “The Amazing Colossal Man,” “Tormented,” “Beginning of the End” and more.

Died on January 25

2020 – Monique van Vooren, appeared in “Flesh for Frankenstein” and “Greystone Park.”

2020 – Alan Harris, appeared in “Hellraiser [1987],” “Nightbreed,” “Stand-In,” “Craze,” “The Chosen” and “The Shining [1980].”

2009 – Arthur A. Jacobs, produced “Giant from the Unknown,” “The Beast and the Vixens” and “She Demons”.

1991 – Lilian Bond, appeared in the original version of “The Old Dark House,” “Man in the Attic” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray”.

1970 – Eiji Tsuburaya, who was the Toho effects genius, created their famous logo and did the incredible effects for numerous films starting with the original “Godzilla” in 1954, right up to “Godzilla’s Revenge”.

Films Released on January 25

Nabonga [1944]

The Raven [1963]
Flesh Eaters from Outer Space [1989]
Two Evil Eyes [1990]
Ju-on: The Grudge [2002]
The Mothman Prophecies [2002]
G String Vampire [2005]

Dead Ant [2017]

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January 26

Born on January 26

1981 – Colin O’Donoghue, appeared in “The Rite” and “Storage 24″.

1964 – Cathy Podewell, starred in “Night of the Demons [1988].”

1941 – Scott Glenn, appeared in “The Keep,” “The Silence of the Lambs,” “Slaughter of the Innocents,” “Sucker Punch” and more.

1922 –Page Cavanaugh, whose band “The Page Cavanaugh Trio” performed in “Frankenstein’s Daughter.”

1915 – William Hopper who appeared in “20 Million Miles to Earth” and “The Deadly Mantis”.

Died on January 26

2016 – Abe Vigoda, appeared in the TV Series “Monsters,” “Tales from The Darkside” and many more.

2012 – Ian Abercrombie, appeared in “The Hound of the Baskervilles [1972],” “Young Frankenstein”, “Blood Beach”, “Catacombs”, “Warlock”, “Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge”, “Army of Darkness” and many more.

1992 –José Ferrer, starred in “Covenant,” “The Being,” “Bloodtide,” “Bloody Birthday,” “The Swarm,” “The Sentinel,” “Dracula’s Dog,” and “Crash!”

Films Released on January 26

The Kiss of the Vampire [1963]

Mark of the Devil Part II [1973]
Plague [1979]
Food of the Gods II [1989]
Screamers [1995]
Shadow of the Vampire [2001]

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January 27

Born on January 27

1984 – Elizabeth Domin, appeared in the films “Skeleton Key” and “Cry Wolf.”

1964 – Bridget Fonda, appeared in “Frankenstein Unbound,” “Army of Darkness” and “Lake Placid.”

1953 – Joe Bob Briggs, appeared “The Stand,” “Evil Ever After,” “Scare Package” episodes of the series “The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs” and more.

1936 – Troy Donahue, appeared in “The Monolith Monsters,” “Monster on Campus” and “Dr. Alien.”

1913 – Michael Ripper, appeared in “Scars of Dracula,” “Taste the Blood of Dracula,” “Dracula Has Risen from the Grave,” “The Mummy’s Shroud,” “The Reptile,” “The Plague of the Zombies,” “The Mummy [1959],” “Curse of the Werewolf” and many more.

Died on January 27

2020 – Norbert George Moutier, directed “Mad Mutilator,” “Trepanator,” “Dinosaur from the Deep” and “Le syndrome d’Edgar Poe.”

2019 – Erica Yohn – Actress in “Rough Draft,” “Good Against Evil,” and “Song of the Succubus”

2010 – Zelda Rubinstein, starred in “Poltergeist [1982],” “Poltergeist II: The Other Side,” “Poltergeist III,” “Anguish,” “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon,” episodes of the series “Scariest Places on Earth” and more.

2009 – John Updike, novelist who wrote the book “The Witches of Eastwick” on which the film was based.

2005 – Paul A. Partain, starred in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974]” and also appeared in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation” and “Race with The Devil”.

1978 – Oskar Homolka, appeared in “Mr. Sardonicus,” “The Invisible Woman” and the 1968 TV version of “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”.

Films Released on January 27

Seven Footprints to Satan [1929]
Beast of Blood [1970]
Curse of the Vampires [1971]
The Crucifer [2005]
Dominion [2006]
Blood Monkey [2007]
The Grey [2011]

Sadistic Intentions [2019]

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January 28

Born on January 28

1998 – Ariel Winter, appeared in “One Missed Call,” “Excision,” “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour,” “ParaNorman” and more.

1986 – Alexis Texas, appeared in “An Erotic Tale of Ms. Dracula,” “Bloodlust Zombies,” “Bikini Frankenstein” and more.

1959 – Frank Darabont, Writer/director whose credits include “The Green Mile,” ”The Mist,” “Frankenstein [1994]” “The Blob [1988]” and is the writer/creator of “The Walking Dead” tv series.

1941 – Joel Crothers, who played “Joe Haskell” on the tv-show “Dark Shadows.”

1933 – Jack Hill, directed “Track of the Vampire,” “House of Evil” and “Spider Baby.”

Died on January 28

2020 – John Kottoly, appeared in “Dagudu Muthalu.”

2020 – Marjorie Dusay, appeared in the TV Movie “Dead of Night: A Darkness at Blaisedon,” “Thirty Dangerous Seconds,” ”Stalking Laura” and “A Chronicle of Corpses.”

2020 – Dyanne Thorne, appeared in “Point of Terror,” “Blood Sabbath,” “Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS,” “Wanda, the Wicked Warden,” “Hellhole,” “House of the Witchdoctor” and more.

2005 – Paul A. Partain, starred in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre [1974]” and also appeared in “Race with the Devil” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.”

1993 – John Steadman, appeared in “The Hills Have Eyes [1977],” “Fade to Black” and “Dark Night of the Scarecrow”.

1980 – Erle C. Kenton, director whose films include “The Ghost of Frankenstein,” “House of Frankenstein” and “House of Dracula”.

1959 – Philip Tonge, appeared in “Invisible Invaders,” “Macabre” and “House of Wax”.

Films Released on January 28

Phantom Lady [1944]

The Night Walker [1964]
Eye of the Beholder [1999]
Alone in The Dark [2005]
Hide & Seek [2005]
The Rite [2011]
Husk [2011]

Antisocial [2013]

Wonder Valley [2017]

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January 29

Born on January 29

1986 – Jennifer Churchich starred in “Quadrant 9EV9” and “The Sand.”

1968 – Bobbie Phillips, appeared in “Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain” and “Carnival of Souls”.

1954 – Terry Kinney, actor in “Don’t Look Down” and “Body Snatchers.”

1948 – Marc Singer, starred in “Dead Space,” “Watchers II,” “High Desert Kill” and the TV Series “V.”

1945 – Kathryn Leigh Scott, starred as “Maggie Evans” on the tv-show “Dark Shadows.”

1940 – Astrid Heeren, starred in “Silent Night, Bloody Night.”

1940 – Katharine Ross, starred in “The Stepford Wives [1975],” “The Legacy,” “The Swarm” and “Donnie Darko.”

1915 – Victor Mature, starred in the film “One Million B.C.”

1909 – Alan Marshall, appeared in “House on Haunted Hill [1959]” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame [1939].”

Died on January 29

2004 – Andrew J. Kuehn, producer/director of the film “Terror in The Aisles.”

1986 – Leif Erickson starred in “Strait-Jacket,” “I Saw What You Did” and Invaders from Mars [1953].

1976 – Michael Gwynn, appeared in “Scars of Dracula,” “Revenge of Frankenstein,” and “Village of the Damned”

Films Released on January 28

Children of the Damned [1964]
Venom [1981]
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama [1988]
Lobster Man from Mars [1989]
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice [1992]
Nemesis [1992]
Matinee [1993]
American Nightmare [2002]
Chupacabra Terror [2005]

Deadline [2009]

Trashploitation [2018]

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January 30

Born on January 30

1990 – Jake Thomas, appeared in the films “Dinocroc” and “Monster Night.”

1965 – Julie McCullough, appeared in “The Blob [1988],” “Gila!,” and “Sharknado”.

1959 – Dwier Brown, appeared in “Red Dragon,” “The Guardian [1990],” “House,” “House II: The Second Story” and more.

1951 – Charles Dutton, starred in “Aliens 3,” “Gothika” and “Legion.”

1930 – Gene Hackman, played the “Old Blind Hermit” in “Young Frankenstein.”

1911 – Hugh Marlowe, starred in “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers,” “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “World Without End.”

1910 – James Carreras, the founder of Hammer Films and was the executive in charge of production for “The Curse of Frankenstein.”

Died on January 30

2019 – Richard “Dick” Miller – Actor – “The Terminator,” “Gremlins,” “Gremlins 2: The New Batch,” “The Howling,” “Piranha,” “Night of the Creeps,” “Amityville 1992: It’s About Time,” “Route 666,” “Burying the Ex,” “Chopping Mall,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” “Hanukkah,” episodes of “100 Years of Horror” and many more

2019 – Louisa Moritz – Actress in “New Year’s Evil.”

1999 – Huntz Hall, who played “Sach” of the Bowery Boys, “Spooks Run Wild” and “Ghosts on the Loose”.

1998 – Ferdy Mayne, starred in “The Fearless Vampire Killers,” “The Vampire Lovers” and “Frightmare”.

1973 – Jack MacGowran, appeared in “The Brain [1964],” “The Fearless Vampire Killers,” and “The Exorcist.”

Films Released on January 30

The Silent Scream [1980]

To All a Goodnight [1980]
The Incredible Shrinking Woman [1981]
Monster In The Closet [1986]
Silence Of The Lambs [1991]
Deep Rising [1998]
Final Destination 2 [2003]
Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed [2004]
The Temptress [2003]
Freakshow [2007]
Prey [2007]
The Uninvited [2009]

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January 31

Born on January 31

1999 – Lily Mo Sheen, appeared in “Underworld: Evolution.”

1973 – Portia de Rossi, appeared in “Cursed,” “Stigmata” and “Dead and Breakfast.”

1971 – Patricia Velasquez, appeared in “The Mummy [1999],” “The Mummy Returns” and “Mindhunters.”

1959 – Anthony LaPaglia, starred in “Annabelle: Creation,” “Dark Whispers Vol 1,” “Black Magic,” “Innocent Blood” and episodes of “The Twilight Zone.”

1940 – Jessica Walter, starred in “Play Misty For Me,” “Vampire” and also appeared in “Ghost in the Machine,” “Temptress” and the TV Movie “Home for the Holidays.”

1937 – Suzanne Pleshette, co-starred in “The Power,” “The Birds,” and episodes of the TV Series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.”

1929 – Jean Simmons, appeared in Dark Shadows [1990] and “Howl’s Moving Castle.”

1929 – Andy Milligan, “The Ghastly Ones,” “Bloodthristy Butchers” and “The Rats Are Coming, The Werewolves Are Here.”

1923 – Larry Buchanan, wrote and directed “Zontar, the Thing from Venus,” “The Eye Creatures” and “Curse of the Swamp Creature.”

1921 –John Agar, starred in “The Brain From Planet Arous,” “Revenge of the Creature” and “Tarantula.”

1911 – Eddie Byrne, appeared in the films “Jack the Ripper” and “Island of Terror”.

Died on January 31

2020 – Mary Higgins Clark, author of “A Stranger is Walking,” “The Cradle Will Fall,” “Stillwatch” which were made into movies.

2006 – Moira Shearer, starred in “Peeping Tom”.

Films Released on January 31

Phenomena [1985]

Shock ’em Dead [1991]
Killers 2: The Beast [2002]
Final Destination 2 [2003]
Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers [2006]
The Spiderwicke Chronicles [2008]
Creature of Darkness [2009]

Mutants [2009] – France’s Gerardmer Film Festival

The Sleeper [2012]

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