October 25

Born on October 25

1988 – Brittney Alger, has appeared in “13 Sins”, “Occult”, “The Demented”, “Hell Baby” and more.

1981 – Josh Henderson, who starred in the 2008 remake of “April Fool’s Day” and “Fingerprints.”

1980 – Merchad Brooks, who played on the HBO series “True Blood.”

1959 – Nancy Cartwright appeared in the 1998 version of “Godzilla” and “Twilight Zone: The Movie.”

1955 – Producer Gale Anne Hurd, whose production credits include “Aliens,” the “Terminator” films.

1928 – Anthony Franciosa, who starred in the film “Tenebre”.

1928 – Jeanne Cooper appeared in the films “The Black Zoo” and “The Boston Strangler.”

1924 – Billy Barty, appeared in the film “The Undead” and “Bride of Frankenstein.”

1921 – Yasuyoshin Tokuma, produced the films “Gamera: Super Monster” and “Gamera 3: The Awakening of Iris.

1909 – Whit Bissell, who appeared in “Creature From the Black Lagoon,” “I Was a Teenage Frankenstein” and “I Was a Teenage Werewolf.”

1886 – Leo G. Carrol played appeared in the film “Tarantula.’

Died on October 25

2010 – Lisa Blount, starred in John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness”, “Stalked”, “Needful Things”, “Nightflyers”, “Deadly Nightmares (TV Series)”, “What Waits Below”, “Dead & Buried.”

2002 – Cheryl Smith appeared in the films “Phantom of Paradise,” “Massacre at Central High”.

1995 – Viveca Lindfors, who played in “Creepshow,” and “The Exorcist III”.

1993 – Vincent Price, starred in “House on Haunted Hill,” “The Masque of the Red Death,” “House of Wax,” “The Fly,” “Pit and the Pendulum,” “House of Usher,” “The Raven,” “The Tingler,” “The Haunted Palace,” “The Bat,” “The Fly,” The Abominable Dr. Phibes” and many more.

1986 – Forrest Tucker in the films “The Crawling Eye,” “The Abominable Snowman” and “The Strange World of Planet X”.

Films Released on October 25

The Tell-Tale Heart (1941)
The Amazing Colossal Man (1957) – New York City
Beware My Brethren – filmed in the UK as The Fiend (1972) – New York City
Thinner (1996)
The 13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil (2002)
Ghost Ship (2002)

Boo (2005)
Predator Island (2005)
Dead Men Walking (2005)
Ghost Watcher 2 (2005)
Predator Island (2005)
Single White Female 2: The Psycho (2005) – DVD premiere
Unspeakable (2007)
Alien Raiders (2008) – International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival

Countdown (2019)

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October 26

Born on October 26

1961 – Dylan McDermott, starred in “American Horror Story (TV Series)”, “The Messengers”, “Tales from the Crypt (TV Series)”, “Hardware” and more.

1962 – Cary Elwes starred in “Shadow of the Vampire,” the 1992 version of “Dracula,” “The Alphabet Killer,” “Saw” and “Saw 3D.”

1959 – Dana Kimmell, starred in “Friday the 13th Part III”, “Midnight Offerings”, “Night Angel.”

1914 – Jackie Coogan who played the original “Uncle Fester,” in the original “Addams Family” TV series.

Died on October 26

2019 – Robert Evans, appeared in “The Fiend Who Walked the West” and developer for “Rosemary’s Baby.”

2007 – Bernard L. Kowalski, director of such films as “Sssssss” and “Night of the Blood Beast.”

1999 – Musician Hoyt Axton, who starred in “Gremlins”.

Films Released on October 26

Chamber of Horrors (1966)
Body Double (1984)
The Terminator (1984)
Silent Madness (1984)
Terror in the Aisles (1984)
Graveyard Shift (1990)
Soultaker (1990) – limited
Shrunken Heads (1994) – video premiere
Thir3en Ghosts (2001)
Bite Me! (2004)
Saw IV (2007)

Crepitus (2018)

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October 27

Born on October 27

1982 – Patrick Fugit, other films include “Wrist Cutters: A Love Story,” “Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant” and “Dead Birds.”

1957 – Jeff East, appeared in “Last Breath”, “Pumpkinhead”, “Deadly Blessing”.

1953 – Robert Picardo played in “The Howling,” and appeared in the films “976-Evil” and “Gremlins 2: The New Batch.” He also starred as “Richard Woolsey ” on the TV series’ “Stargate SG1” and “Stargate Atlantis.”

1948 – Bernie Wrightson , comic book artist/writer.

1946 – Ivan Reitman, producer whose film credits include “Shivers,” “Ghostbusters (1984),” “The Uninvited” (2009), “Disturbia” and “Evolution.”

1946 – Carrie Snodgress who appeared in the films “The Fury,” “Trick or Treats” and “The Forsaken.”

1942 – Lara Parker who played “Angelique” on the “Dark Shadows” TV series. She also appeared in the “Trevi Collection” episode of the TV series “Kolchak: The Night Stalker.”

1934 – Carolyn Craig who played in the original “House on Haunted Hill.”

1911 – Leif Erickson who appeared in the films “Invaders from Mars” (1953), “Strait-Jacket” and “Night Monster.”

Died on October 27

2019 – John Witherspoon, appeared in “Vampire in Brooklyn.”

2009 – John David Carson, appeared in the films “Empire of the Ants,” “The Creature from Black Lake”.

2008 – Roy Stewart, appeared in the films “Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb,” Twins of Evil,” “Doomwatch”.

2002 – Andre De Toth, who directed the original “House of Wax”

1968 – John McNamara appeared in “The Return of Dracula,” “War of the Colossal Beast” and “From Hell It Came”.

Films Released on October 27

Die Monster Die (1965)
The Nanny (1965) – Detroit, MI
Planet of the Vampires (1965)
Baron Blood (1972)

The People Who Own the Dark (1976) – Spain

Halloween (1978)
Shocker (1989)
Masque of the Red Death (1989)
Copycat (1995)
Vampire In Brooklyn (1995)
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)
The Little Vampire (2000)
Boo! The Movie (2002)
Bloodlust (2004)
Shock-O-Rama (2005)
Saw III (2006)

Apartment 1303 (2007)
Zombie Farm (2007) – It’s Alive Zombie Fest
2012: Supernova (2009)

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October 28

Born on October 28

1974 – Michael Dougherty, writer and or director of such films as “Urban Legends: Bloody Mary”, “Superman Returns” and “Trick ‘r Treat.”

1974 – Joaquin Phoenix, starred in the films “The Village” and “Signs.”

1966 – Chris Bauer starred in “True Blood.”

1964 – Griffin O’Neal, in the films “April Fool’s Day,” “Assault of the Killer Bimbos” and “Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go to College.”

1962 – Daphne Zuniga, starred in the films “The Dorm That Dripped Blood,” and “The Fly II.”

1965 – Jami Gertz starred in “The Lost Boys”.

1951 – Writer Joe R. Lansdale, he has penned such stories and novels, many of which have become films, “Bubba Ho-Tep”, “Cold in July”, “Christmas With the Dead” and many more.

1944 – Dennis Franz, appeared in the film “Dressed to Kill” AND “Psycho II”.

1942 –Michael Crichton, Writer/Director works include “Jurassic Park,” “Westworld” and “Andromeda Strain.”

1937 – George “Buck” Flowers, appeared in the films “Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS,” “The Fog” and “They Live.”

1936 – Joe Spinell He starred in the films “Maniac,” “The Last Horror Film” and “Starcrash.”

1902 – Elsa Lanchester, appeared in the films “Terror in the Wax Museum” and “Willard.”

1895 – John Boles who played ‘Victor Moritz’ in Frankenstein (1931).

Died on October 28

2002 – Lawrence Dobkin, who appeared in the films “Them!,” “The Cabinet of Calagari”.

Films Released on October 28

The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t (1979)
Tenebre (1982) – Tortona, Italy
Stargate (1994)
Godsend: The Evil Decimation (1999)
Saw II (2005)
Pumpkinhead: Ashes To Ashes (2006)
Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash (2008)

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October 29

Born on October 29

1993 – India Eisley, appeared in “Underworld: Awakening” and “Headspace.”

1985 – Janet Montgomery, has appeared in “Salem (TV Series)”, “Gothica”, “Black Swan”, “Dead Cert”, “Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead”, and “The Hills Run Red.”

1982 – Chelan Simmons, who appeared in “Final Destination 3”, “Stephen King’s It” and more recently “See No Evil 2”, “Hannibal (TV Series)”, “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.”

1980 – Ben Foster, who starred in “30 Days of Night”.

1979 – Andrew Lee Potts, starred in the British series “Primeval” and the films “1408,” “Return to the House on Haunted Hill” and Red Mist.”

1977 – Brendan Fehr, appeared in the films, ‘Final Destination,” “The Forsaken”, “Disturbing Behavior”, “13 Eerie”, “Silent Night.”

1972 – Gabrielle Union, starred in the short-lived remake 2005 of the TV series, “The Night Stalker.”

1971 – Winona Ryder, starred in the 1992 version of “Dracula,” “Lost Souls,” “Alien: Resurrection”.

1947 – Richard Dreyfuss, who starred in “Jaws,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and the TV mini-series “Tin Man.”

1925 – Ben Chapman, best known for portraying “The Gill Man” in the above water scenes of “Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

1899 – Character actor Akim Tamiroff, who appeared in such films as “The Vulture,” and “The Black Sleep.”

Died on October 29

2006 – Nigel Kneale, writer for many Hammer films including, “Five Million Years to Earth”, “The Witches”, “The Abominable Snowman”, “Halloween III: Season of the Witch.”

2005 – Lloyd Bochner, appeared in many films and TV shows including “Legend of the Mummy”, “Mazes and Monsters”, “Darkroom (TV Series)”, Satan’s School for Girls (1973), “Crowhaven Farm”, “The Dunwich Horror” and many more.

1997 – Founder of “The Church of Satan,” Anton LaVey, was technical adviser for the films “The Devil’s Rain” and “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Films Released on October 29

Return of the Evil Dead (1973) – Spain
Q (1982)
Trick or Treats (1982)
Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993) – limited

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
Necronomicon (1994) – video premiere
Terror Firmer (1999) – Los Angeles
House On Haunted Hill (1999)
Saw (2004)
Frankenstein’s Bloody Nightmare (2006) – Atlanta Horror Fest
The Zombie Diaries (2006) – UK
Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)

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October 30

Born on October 30

1981 – Fiona Dourif, daughter of Brad Dourif appeared in “Fear Clinic”, “Curse of Chucky”, “True Blood (TV Series).”

1980 – Sarah Carter who appeared in the films “Red Mist,” “Final Destination 2”, “Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell” and “Falling Skies (TV Series).”

1953 – Charles Martin Smith, who appeared in the film “Trick or Treat” and the TV movie “The Beast.”

1926 – William Campbell starred in the films “Dementia 13,” “Track of the Vampire” and “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte.”

1945 – The “Fonz” himself, Henry Winkler, who played “Principal Arthur Himbry” in the film “Scream

1915 – Jane Randolph, appeared in “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”, “Cat People”, “Curse of the Cat People.”

1911 – Ruth Hussey, who co-starred with Ray Milland in “The Uninvited.”

Died on October 30

2019 – Bernard Slade Newbound, writer for “Matinee Theatre (1955–1958) Episode: The Long, Long Laugh (1958).”

2014 – Renée Asherson, appeared in “The Others”, “Theatre of Blood”, “Rasputin: The Mad Monk”, “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”, and many more.

2007 – Legendary singer Robert Goulet, who appeared in the film “Beetlejuice”.

Films Released on October 30

Bowery at Midnight (1942)
The 39 Steps 1959 – Netherlands
Maniac (1963)
Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (1974) – New York City
Halloween II (1981)
Saturday the 14th (1981)
Looker (1981)
Deranged (1987)
Vampires (1998)
Route 666 (2001)
Dead/Undead (2002) – USA premiere
Klownz (2003)
Vampire Bats (2005)
The Blood Shed (2007)
Best Ribs In Town (2009)
Evil Weed (2009)
In the Closet (2009)
The Occultist (2009)

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October 31 – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


Born on October 31

2019 – Geethanjali, appeared in “Rakshas.”

2019 – Florence Giorgetti, appeared in “Knife + Heart.”

1982 – Justin Chatwin, who starred in “The Invisible,” and the 2005 remake of “War of the Worlds.”

1980 – Samaire Armstrong, who appeared in the films “Rise,” “Stay Alive” and “Dark Wolf.”

1979 – Erica Cerra appeared in the film “Blade: Trinity,” “Shark Killer,” “Adam and Evil,” “Rise of the Damned” and episodes of the tv series “Supernatural.”

1976 – Piper Perabo, who co-starred in the films “The Cave,” “Carriers” and episodes of the tv series “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.”

1963 – Dermot Mulroney, who starred in “Copycat” and “Zodiac.”

1961 –Peter Jackson, Writer/director/producer whose credits include “Bad Taste,” “Dead Alive,” “The Frighteners,” the 2005 “King Kong” “District 9” and more.

1945 – Brian Doyle-Murray, brother of Bill. He appeared in “Ghostbusters II.”

1944 – Sally Kirkland, who starred in the TV movie “The Haunted” and appeared in such films as “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” and “Two Evil Eyes.”

1936 – The late Michael Landon who started his career in “I Was a Teenage Werewolf.”

1927 – Lee Grant who played the stepmother of the son of the devil in “The Omen II” and also appeared in the films “Marooned” and “Visiting Hours.”

Died on October 31

2004 – Don Briscoe, who played werewolf “Chris Jennings” on the soap opera “Dark Shadows,” also appeared in the feature film “House of Dark Shadows.”

1997 – Rosalind Cash appeared in “The Omega Man,” and in “Tales From the Hood” and “Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde.”

1988 – John Houseman who appeared in the films “Ghost Story” and “The Fog”.

1963 – Henry Daniell, who starred in the films “The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake,” “The Body Snatcher” and in one of the best episodes of the TV series “Thriller” entitled “The Grim Reaper.”

Films Released on October 31

The Case of the Black Cat (1936)
The Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951)
The Vampire and the Ballerina (1962)

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)
Tales That Witness Madness (1973)
Phantom of the Paradise (1974) – Spain
Day of the Reaper (1984)

The Tomb (1986)
Doctor Strain the Body Snatcher (1991)
Fatal Frames (2000)

Elvira’s Haunted Hills (2002)
The Revolting Dead (2003)
The Jersey Devil (2005)
Crazy Eights (2006)
Evil Bong (2006)
Vampira the Movie (2006)
The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)

Splinter (2008) – limited

Hell House (2009)
Demon Haunt (2009)
The Gate of Fallen Angels (2009)
Reality Horror Night (2009)

Maleficarum (2011) – Bolivia premiere

Wonder Valley (2015)

Dreaming Purple Neon (2016)

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