Sarah Bulter, who is no stranger to the horror genre, with over twelve film credits, in which she first graced the screen with Flu Bird Horror (2008) and the remake of I Spit on Your Grave (2010) then battles for survival in director and writer’s Christopher Roosevelt first horror movie The Demented. Roosevelt’s film brings a bit of the recurring elements in the horror genre, and yet touch bizarreness, that encompass the vastness of the zombie sub-genre, finding distribution through Anchor Bay Entertainment, a firm well-known in the horror market.

First the recurring elements, the tried and trusted methods, of six college friends, all couples, no odd one out, followed by a weekend getaway and then a small adjustment, instead of cabin, install a wealthy son’s father’s vacation home in the country. Then add in infecting plague and eliminate all communication, hence setting in panic, confusion, yelling, shouting and overwhelming stupidity and this film as all of that. The difference, aside the most controversially and not in favorable manner the ending, which marks a difficult suggestion and clouded clarity of how to resolve the film. A aspect of horror films and movies in general a beginning, middle and end whether the ending leads positively or negatively becomes a moot point, but this films gives a one-two punch that puts false endings in place. Clue, the film does a similar feat like this however in comedy, and that only happens because of the relation to the games, a horror movie does not need that connection, not even the Resident Evil or House of the Dead did that simulation. Another take, and liking this one due to the lack of proper funding, the zombies, starve from the commonplace carnage in the films, sadly for enjoyment of gore-hounds. Therefore, the storyline the group gathers to celebrate, in style, with drinking, waterslide fun, no nudity or private passion moments, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with sudden attack on United States soil from a terrorist airborne attack. This renders a lethal bio-toxin dispersal (poor usage of CGI explosion) and later results in a misguided and damage dog, clearly infected (zombified) forcing the couples into the house to hunker down for protection, and no one in the tech-knowledge household refers to cells, computers or even the television for information, except for one call to one of the teens.

Christopher relies on many action sequences, and then layers in drama, with the college students, some hinting to personal hatred and motives coming into question. The acting in a low-budget film, brings a refreshing touch, the cast, has some closeness to the genre, such as Michael Welch of Twilight Saga films All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), although a fondness for zombies starring in Z-Nation television series and Day of the Dead (2008). In addition, Brittney Alger, star of 13 Sins (2014) and the insanely silly Hell Baby (2013) repeatedly screams for the joy of attracting zombies. Lastly, however no less important, Kayla Ewell of famed The Vampire Diaries series starring in her first horror feature, film clearly stand out with the jock of the film, Ashlee Brian.

The zombies the other major character in the film, find themselves, a lesser known variant in the genre, and the species, not extremely looking, a little bloody, but a lot of torn clothing. Hence, a slight issue, the infection spread occur 24-hours ago their clothing and appearance seems aged by several weeks if not months. This strain of disease infects with a statue like syndrome but triggers to fast pace rampaging upon sound. Then the cast seems to find reasons to wreck their vehicle while protect the zombies, as if an endangered species, normally in these movies if you have the car you run over the zombies, or creature and figure it out later. As for gore fest of feeding on humans, and conversely the butchery of the dead, sadly neither represented here for the hardcore fans of the genre to love.

Overall, the production hits the right marks, and the script for the most part generates drama, some brief moments of tension, yet the graphic insanity of the zombie films, with gore special absent, however a redeeming quality comes from the well-executed chase scenes, and action of Ashlee, as the evasive human buffet meal.

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IMDb Rating: 3.9/10
Baron’s Rating: 4/10

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