This is our most vile, offensive show to date, Sinister Death there’s nothing anywhere like it, the bands names and songs compete with our DJ Baron to see wins the Abomination of Decency this used be part of Shredding Metal Beasts but the listeners couldn’t handle the intensity. New shows coming soon…

Airing soon on June 11th, and June 25th – showtimes and band lists to follow.

We only play, Black, Death, Grindcore and Doom!

SINISTER DEATH JUNE 25 EP149–extreme-metal-149th-show


Eaten – Slave Species

Golden Rusk – Painful demise

Firstborn Evil – Throne of the Serpent [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Black Anvil – Next Level Black

Ravencult – Morbid Blood

Cult of Eibon – Xothic Bloodlines

Instorm – Lethal Winter

Infernal Cult – All the Lights Faded

Open Surgery – After Birth Abortion

Cryptik Howling – Hallowed Masquerade

Drug Honkey – Outlet of Hatred

Wintercorpse – Devilution

Vermord – Ophite Cultus Satanas

Countess – Let the River Run Red

Terra Tenebrosa – Probing the Abyss

Abysmal Dawn – The Inevitable Return to Darkness

Sacrichrist – Cunt of the Moon

Taran – Divine Plague

Paimonia – Salvation Forlorn

Neverchrist – The Unholy Spirit [NO INFO ON THE BAND]



*****                                  *******                               *****

SINISTER DEATH JUNE 11 EP148–extreme-metal-148th-show


Gloom (Finland) – Fuck Your Faith [NO INFO ON BAND]

Sargeist – To Feast on Astral Blood


Ba’alzamon – Empire of the Dead

Defeated Sanity – Propelled into Sacrilege

Satan’s Cross – First of the Fallen

Sanctifying Ritual – Stained with Rotten [NO INFO ON BAND]

Casket Grinder – What Lies Across

Armnatt – Eternal Night

Sacrilegious Rite – Arise from Thy Sleep

Pile of Priests – Bloodstained Citadel

Straight Hate – Above the Law

Evoker – Shackled to the Grave

Walpurgia – Desecration Ritual [NO INFO ON BAND]

Violent Hammer – Screams of Agony

Schizogen – Biological Damage Processes

Witchden – Abhorrent Rite

Abyssus – In League with Evil

Sarcófago – Pact of Cum [NO INFO ON BAND]

Teutouburg Forest – Malkuth Transforms into Lilith

XPUS – Blood Rite of Liberation

Piss On Christ – Fuck God And Christ (Fuck Religion)

Saltas – This Is the Death

Gore Obsessed – Trap Them, Kill Them