Black and Death Metal fans know that there is a wide chasm of different veins within these subgenres of metal, namely black metal often dives deeper into one-word ideology ‘RAW’ the purest form. Hence that brings us to Hellfire Deathcult, complete with sheer unbridled lust for intense brutal metal for their followers, hellbent on creating their own sound and terrorizing vocals. Just with a quick glance of the song titles one knows it is nothing for the casual listener of black metal, this isn’t for early Cradle of Filth fans, rather those that pledge alliance to Black Witchery and Archgoat. It has been about 2-years since their last release, Black Death Terroristic Onslaught, this time distributed by the Spanish label Deathrune Records, delivering thoroughly devastation to weak ears.

As is common with many black raw metal albums an intro track exists this one called “Black Congregation Ov Sepulchral Darkness” lasting a mere 46 seconds, all quite atmospheric that’s all before rising from hell, the screams of chaos bellow forth tearing at one’s ears seen with lyrics of bloodshed, war, anguish and outright tortured. Now instead of going through each tracking, lets focus on the overall album, that leans at moments to more death than sheer black, the vocals sound extremely crisp, thanks to a solid production level that often finds itself lost in these releases. The music intensity overruns the fastest of any speed metal band, as the mantra of Satanic and blasphemy lyrics through unholy animalistic screams, the music itself avoids any hints solos or melodies rather providing the true nature of the album’s title, undoing the norms of society and replacing it with fear and pain of not understanding what lies past the mere mortal existence. One needs to note that the band’s logo comes from the maestro and Lord of the Logos, Christophe “Volvox” Szpajdel, having created over 10,000 Logos, since 1990, for many black and death metal bands, and even published a book on the subject.

Track List:

Black Congregation Ov Sepulchral Darkness

Holocaustic Warfront

Satanic Nuclear Devastation

Death Conquers All

Bestial Invocation Ov War

Blood Lust Ritual

Terroristic Onslaught

Hellstrom Chaos Battalion

Baptized By Hellfire

Anti God Kommando

Triumphant Death March


Band Members:

Perverse Ritual Necromancer – Vocals, Bass

Apocalyptic Genocidal Desecrator – Guitars

Warhammer Sodomizer – Drums

If one wonders what hell would sound like as if all the demons and sinners arose at once to conquer the land of the living and rage a war with heaven all in an epic movie, than this music serves as the war-cry, invoking the blood-soaked flesh, ripped apart with sheer agonizing terror. The album’s art alone serves as backlash to Christian beliefs, and clearly portrays the rotting decay of souls, rather than flesh, simply the entire 11-songs shows a fascination with death, evil and sinister bestial growls that makes it exceptional for a limited group of listeners and those identify both the band’s name and song titles.


Baron’s Rating: 4.0/5.0

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