I’ve listened to Apocalyptica off and on over the past years, their interpretations of Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” cover first heard on YouTube likely encouraged me to explore their music, this album marks the first time I have given any truly in-depth focus and review. It is with some research that I learned that this marks both their ninth studio record and their fully instrumental album in 17 years. As for those unaware they consist of three cellists and one drummer hailing from Finland and while many first thought their style was merely a gimmick, like that of 2 Cellos or even Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but in all of these cases the majority find themselves in the wrong, metal bands often incorporate classical elements into their music. Their epic compositions are fascinating, including one song lasting nearly 10-minutes, all original in design, hence this album ‘Cell-0’ actually pronounced as cell-zero released by Silver Lining Music on January 10th, 2020.

The opening track “Ashes of the Modern World” epic design to capture the listener especially a metal fan, however by the second track the music tempo changes to a progressive style lasting over 9-minutes and provides an incredible, highly creative design in the work. Nevertheless, the third song “Rise” likely to lose a majority of the serious metal fans, it’s rather well-structured and melodic, with an undertone, one likely to hear in dramatic film climax scenes.  The fourth song ”En Route to Mayhem” almost feels as if the band was holding back the aggressiveness on the music, before changing the tempo into increasing shredding-like manner by the two-minute mark, adding some distortion to ramp the intrigue for the listener. Then there’s “Fire & Ice” that cleverly leads the unsuspecting audiences into their clutches before unleashing an avalanche of changes in tempo, allowing the experience so much from just one piece of music.

Track Listing:

Ashes of the Modern World



En Route to Mayhem

Call My Name

Fire & Ice

Scream for the Silent


Beyond the Stars



Eicca Toppinen – Cello

Perttu Kivilaakso – Cello

Paavo Lötjönen – Cello

Mikko Sirén – Drums


All of these elements and more found through this tracks that make the listeners focus on themselves as well as how the music reaches within them, and awakens new passions. The music sounds a tad gothic and thoroughly more founded in classical approach, a brief spoken-word passage appears just once, on epic track ‘Beyond the Stars” that feels as if it belongs on power-metal band’s close-out song, nonetheless the musicians play their beloved instruments with deep passion, and want you to experience a new level of adventure and appreciation often discovered within music.

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5.0

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