Well, first it has been awhile since a posting, and that is due my father, a proud U.S. Marine who served this Nation in World War II, fighting in the pacific, namely Japan seized islands and northern China, and then 45-years of service to the Department of Defense, he was a man who gave more of himself always. He continued his service to the American Legion and Knights of Columbus, a catholic men’s organization. He was in and out the hospital and rehab since July 2019 but in mid-January he was admitted into hospice, and on February 13 he passed onward to reunite with my mother, his wife of 42-years of marriage and who passed away in 1994. It’s been especially difficult for me, taking care of the arrangements and his well-being near the end, so much that I halted all promotional work, stopped podcast shows, and even stopped viewing horror flicks, I think everyone sort of knew there something was going on, for the longest time I am constantly working and suddenly it all starts slacking and sliding, this was the reason. I often keep my private life very well-guarded. One thing I’ve noticed since the passing of his death, it’s been difficult to reengage in horror and even metal music, unsure why, a deeper reason that I won’t allow myself to reveal.

Therefore the January issue was to be out February 15, well obviously it didn’t happen, and the owners fully understood, and hence this issue is a double January and February, it does contain a lot of reviews, news, press releases actually so much it is unbelievable and we have the return of the Upcoming Podcast shows.

Let’s restart, welcome to the new issue and decade of Horror, so often many fans acclaim their passion for the genre, and celebrate it by watching horror films everyday then even list them however the common theme on them, it’s a lot of the same, what I mean is they tally 522 films they watched in a year, but how many of them are new, never seen or viewed? That’s the key of horror and cinema, to grow your horizons, expanding your thoughts of new points of inspiration, discovering new nightmares, raising filmmakers, to sadly replace the stand bearers of the genre. It was to be something I planned on doing, however suffering a setback on that project.

Many gave us here a resounding endorsement for our coverage of the Remembrance of the Dead, thoroughly detailed and complete, surpassing anything found on any other site include that of TCM and The Oscars.  Hence we’ve incorporated it as a monthly reporting, and that material becoming incorporated into The Testament of Horror (Horror History), another successful venture of ours, thanks to you all. The New Releases continuing as we are the only horror site producing them with full detail please filmmakers let us of know a film release date. Now, our dear friend Rayzilla made the post of “Get out those gift cards!” on twitter, which made us think about perhaps a tally of how much it costs to purchase on the available DVDs or Blu-rays of New Releases, this won’t include VODs.

I know we keep adding to the issues and this new schedule not working as of yet, because of the death  of my father  and now a greater matter facing our nations and our own lives, but it should correct itself.

An Update, yes we are late on posting the issue, however, I think everyone likely knows why, I never treat my readers or audience as idiots, face it our lives have suffered through shocks, and increasing uncertainty exist, the stress continues climbing upward, all because of this coronavirus. I don’t like or want to give excuses, but face when it occurs not many knew of the fallout from it, the chaos, as the world becomes a sort of zombie apocalypse with and abundance of doomsayers smiling gleefully. Therefore, it appears we are among some of the sites still operating, generating reviews and the numerous shows on Baron Craze Podcast Network begin reemerging once more. I am practicing the social distancing, and shall be full in mode by Tuesday of next week. Every day the news appears grim and no way of escaping it, except I advise to come to this site and tune into my shows.

I hoped to squeeze a few more press releases and reviews into this massive however on Saturday, March 21st, I received devastating news one of two uncles left, and perhaps in way he was like a second father to me, he encouraged me to follow my passion for writing, on my favorite subject of Horror. This is two major deaths for me, in two months, I opened the Editor’s Greeting with my fathers’ death and hereby close it with my dearest Uncle Bob’s death.



Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief