Sometimes it’s dangerous for a band for change their musical style but if one makes a careful decision it can lead to something credible avenues of exploration which is exactly what Depraved did, however with a name like theirs, there really aren’t many options available. They originally formed as a severe brutal death metal and grindcore band in 1992 formed in France. Now in 2020, they returned with their fourth album “Raped Innocence” that’s a wonderful title for the latest work which squarely punches one in the mouth. There’s plenty of mayhem in this explosive sound from them, with a tinge of melodies surging through the feverish thrash metal intensity and insanity.

Often an intro track doesn’t include too much importance, however that’s not the case, it sets an entire tone for everything it lays ahead for the listener, warning them of a sore neck from the thrashing. The song ‘God Forgives I Don’t’ displays a mixture of grindcore, death and thrash metal all working for sheer dominance, while ‘The Mask of Terror’ vocals reduce the deathly sound and replace it with howling screams. As for those missing the grindcore vocals they reappear on the “50 Shade Of Blood” with the thrash music intensity raised, it echoes back to Slayer’s legendary  “Reign in Blood”. The blistering shredding speed stands out incredibly all done to give your neck soreness and serious headbanging; ‘Prisoner in my Head’ prime example of this and then thoroughly impressive  is  ‘Corridor of Insanity’ with guitar solos shows the vast changes in style and influence of their music.

Track Listing:

See My Suffering World
God Forgives I don’t
The Mask of Terror
50 Shade of Blood
Prisoner in my Head
No Time For Peace
Mental Illness
Corridor Of Insanity

Band Members:

Franck Mathieu – Drums
Gilles Pincet – Guitars
Kristoff Henry – Vocals
Cédric Gérard – Guitars
Jean-Noël Verbecq – Bass

Aside from the intro, Depraved brings forth an onslaught of brutal violence and intense aggression, complete with twisted growls , a top notch production enhances the reasons to purchase and actual physical CD of their music rather than merely a digital version. Thanks to Grand Sounds PR for sending a MP3 version, which didn’t influence my review, but the band is soon to heard on my podcast Sinister Death.

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1999 – CD “Sexual Depravity … And pleasure To Suffer”

2001 – CD “Decadence & Lust”

2004 – Mini CD Live “Unsuitable Bondage Schemes”