Aeren, is an Italian band, simply able to describe their music as alternative rock, which is still as confusing of a topic and hard to define for many listeners. I often get quite a bit of music sent to me for airplay on of my seven radio shows or for honest reviews, this falls into the latter grouping. The music uses an interesting type of mixture similar to that of pop-rock, which makes that comfortable for radio-play and just a tinge on the edgier side. For example, the opening song “Time Flux” a very tame riff occasionally appears, and repeats itself in common method for the entire album, as if safe is the best option, never wanting cross into the area of boldness. Often listeners want variation, the same tone done necessarily work, one to make reference to in in another song, but not as a constant, which makes feel if caught int in a rut. Lastly it contains a video edit trait entitled Bad Weakness.

Track Listings:
Time Flux
Wrong Reactions
Preachers (Redux)
Shooting Stars
Breath Of Air
Our Flaws
Don’t Fall Apart
In The Well (Redux)
No Way For Crying
Bad Weakness (Video Edit)
Breath Of Air (Full Version)


Band members:

Silvia ‘Sunflower’ Galetta: Lead vocals

Simone D’Andria: Guitars

Simone Solidoro: Bass guitar and Keyboards

Cosimo ‘Cosmico’ De Marco: Drums


Baron’s Rating¨3.0/5.0


Therefore, first thanks Grand Sounds Promotion for informing of the album, it doesn’t enhance or warranted a bias review;  if you enjoy the alternative rock genre or interesting in expanding your musical taste then by means venture forth and listen to Aeren released on Sliptrick Records.


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