Congratulations, horror fans, especially those of you who enjoy the bizarre cinema and thanks to Synapse Films, the release of Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case 3 available for your enjoyment. The tales and tribulations of Duane and Belial weird family dynamics get a royal zany treatment in a silly but also crazy story. Frank co-wrote the screenplay with Robert Martin, a name well known in the horror genre, as the original editor of Fangoria, who steered the publication from 1979 to 1986, in creating a nonviolent movie, which requires you to watch parts 1 and 2 before embarking on this madness. The fans of the trilogy learn more about the numerous insanity of the family and learn more clearly every freaks name. Meanwhile, Kevin Van Hentenryck returns to his instant cult character and reprises the nuttiness for one last time, before moving onto other projects, such as Dry Bones (2013) and a stone sculpture.

Basket Case 3 borrows a bit from the Friday the 13th films, in regards to showing how the last movie ended and this one starts, herein showing the gooey and gross, and yet amusing sex scene of Belial and Eve. Duane recovers from his delusional breakdown sitting with a straightjacket on in a padded room at Granny Ruth’s mansion. Soon enough the viewers learn this movie contains crazy scenarios and sequences and never understanding where the weirdness actual ends. As Belial becoming a father requires everyone to board a school bus and travel to see Uncle Hal and surgeon able to assist in the care of the delivery of Eve’s babies, in Peachtree Valley. However, Belial and Duane aren’t sharing the brotherly love anymore, their trust broken only time heals. Duane still wants out of the family and but they keep a firm grasp on the loony tune brother, shares his insanity with anyone who bothers to speak with him. After Beliel attacks Uncle Hal (Dan Biggers) his son Little Hal (Jim O’Doherty), Ruth’s son assists in the delivery and the viewer discovers The Octagon mother has nothing on Eve in this flick, an even dozen versus just eight. The small town cops discover the freak-house and steal the deformed babies, resulting more insanity and to uncover each one for you all, impossible. Hence a reference list of most important details, Belial’s bizarre sexual fantasies involving twin strippers who recite Shakespearean sonnets; drugstore madness shopping (though never discover the needs for it all); and the sheriff’s daughter Opal (Tina Louse Hilbert) a prim and proper woman, actually tattooed, whip loving bondage dominatrix in the jail cells. Belial shows what happens to those that hurt his wife and endangers his children (which sadly have pathetic special effects), as he creates weapons, to finally destroy all his enemies and tormentors.

The movie suffers from a lot of pitfalls, a confusion layered in the storyline, with the pacing feeling a tad off, and what few gruesome moments amounts to a unrecognizable understandable comparison to what happened in parts one and two and what is left horrendous acting.  Over the top and downright dreadful embarrassing repeatedly occurring through the productions, and at times, it all presents as a force and rushed production. This likely might arise from the rumor that the original script went through severe adjustments losing several pages, whether it’s true unsure, but feels something missing from the film. Basket Case often appears a parody of its former insane glory, and humor misses the punchline and continues a sloppy delivery. Annie Ross’ short musical sounds fine, as Granny Ruth, but the placement of it slips badly and yet still enjoyable. No scares and cringes on certain voices but the special effects department do a wonderful presentation with the freaks one again.

While some fans clamor for a part four, no signs appear of it occurring, and perhaps is actually a wise decision, after all, the creativity never registers in the third part, and rather boredom sets in and never leaves. The only reason to enjoy this film, it finishes the trilogy and sadly this movie, needless serves zero importance in the horror genre, but only for the fans of the series, be forewarned the extras come up running dry.


  • Welcome to the family.
  • It’s Time To Build A Bigger Basket!

IMDb Rating: 4.7/10

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/10