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Just Desserts: The Making of ‘Creepshow’ (2007) – By Baron Craze

Director Michael Felsher created a solid production, which appears more as a supplementary disc of extras than a documentary, an informational journey of feel good stories. The film contains a well-paced 90-minutes love for Creepshow (1982), highlighting the accomplishments of the film and the influence upon the key personal Tom Savini and George A. Romero….

Basket Case 3 (1991) – By Baron Craze

  Congratulations, horror fans, especially those of you who enjoy the bizarre cinema and thanks to Synapse Films, the release of Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case 3 available for your enjoyment. The tales and tribulations of Duane and Belial weird family dynamics get a royal zany treatment in a silly but also crazy story. Frank co-wrote…

Long Weekend (1978) – By Baron Craze

Director Colin Eggleston, presents an incredible and slow developing film with environmental horror (aka: Eco-horror) using the screenplay from Everett De Roche who wrote the script for horror film Patrick released in the same year, and this movie has achieved a cult status due to the differing style conveying horror through suggestions rather than blatant…