Well once again, we enter into the wilderness to discover another Bigfoot movie, though this one is unlike any others I’ve likely seen for quite some time, the last one was Bigfoot Horror Camp (2017), the entire folklore and logic goes thoroughly bonkers, a lot comes from the new division of Wild Eye Releasing called Raw and Extreme. First, this isn’t a film to take seriously, by any means it’s ludicrous in the plot, acting and overall delivery. This time it’s written and directed by John Orrichio (Paranormal Captivity [2012]) who took over 4-years to complete his creation, due numerous problems and accidents off-set, almost everyone involved either had psychical incidents or car crashes, it became its own cursed project, which is listed as Drama Thriller than horror, although after viewing it one can clearly see it’s a horror movie of sorts (using the genre heading loosely). The reason for the vague genre categorizing it includes a lot of exploitation and a mad scientist, but the subject content strives for cheap intimation of that classic subgenre.

I have never hidden from the fact that I enjoy creature features, and within that the subgenre of the cryptozoology which often includes the biggest star Bigfoot, in fact recently HorrorHound magazine did a one-off special edition of the species’, which sold-out very quickly, showing that there’s plenty of fuel left in the tank. Often these flicks have a solid tradition storytelling such as Exists (2014), Willow Creek (2013), and most recently Hoax (2019).

The plot is virtually insane it starts with two women filming a girl-on-girl scene hearing a sound in the woods and pick up their rifles and accidentally shoot a young-foot the Bigfoot appears quickly and removes the them the face of the earth. Then a quick switch to a money hungry and gun enthusiast  Shannon (Chrissy Laboy) who learns she inherited some land from her distance gross grandfather and ventures to it along with brother Billy (Dennis Carter Jr.) and useless Bob and Chester (John McCormack), while their venture into the woods was to hunt they instead find Bigfoot. Oh, what luck they capture it using tranquilizer darts, they haul it back to their place, but instead calling the authorities they enlist a very strange and mad Dr. Laurance Corman (Edward X. Young (Mold! [2012])). The dear doctor has a crazy plan, wanting to prove his missing link theory and wants Bigfoot to impregnate a woman hence producing a crossover baby, the first problem is getting the creature in the mood. One thing about Edward’s over-the-top performance, it feels as if he does a touch of homage to Vincent Price. He also worked on some of the special effects. While many things occur in the flick, the ending is truly nuts, simply includes the following guts spillage, blood splatter, and fake-bestiality.

This definitely is low-brow humor, and the quality is a tad sloppy in the design, especially in regard to the editing, the acting varies greatly per each individual’s performance, nothing is on an even playing field. The bigfoot costume, is very poor in design appears more as ape outfit, but the film strives to makes the most of cringe-worthy moments, by offering softcore scenes of inter-species sexual assault. A saving grace no CGI used just practical effects, it’s actually hard to understand where the $100,000 budget was spent, but honestly it doesn’t buy what it could anymore. However, one interesting aspect is that the actor Edward, spoke about at it the New Jersey Horror Con October 2019, was that his association with the production became a controversary which knocked him out of potential candidate for higher office. One must sometimes suffer for their art. Lastly, and the biggest issues, aside the dialogue, is the all-important lighting and sound departments, neither working correctly in the film. Oh by the way, normally I don’t mention the little thigs such as artwork, but the image on IMDb is not the same one that Wild Eye Releasing created, which sadly shows how much the director seems interested in his project.

First, the comedy or satire in the film definitely isn’t for everyone, and while a passion project, the love seems misplaced in many portions, especially in the beginning, and muddled middle, and nutty conclusions, aside from that and the technical issues it appears with blood, T&A, and heavy sleaze factor, yet it opens the door for a sequel, please don’t there’s plenty of other horror to enjoy.


IMDb rating: n/a

Baron’s Rating: 3.0/10