Hailing from the Hollywood, Salems Lott, a band that fully embraces the shock rock (metal) that was made famous by the legendary Alice Cooper; however they deliver nothing glam, rather metal, with thrashing moments on Mask Of Morality, which was released on April 6th of 2018 on their independent label Red Moon Records. Their previous three song EP released as part one of their new two-part album series, supported by music videos and then they incorporated the other 7-tracks to make a full album.

As most metal fans know, society tries to force everyone to embrace hip-hop and pop-friendly music, and if you don’t you’re cast as outsider, which is fine to all of us, as the genre strides forward championing the head-banging intensity. Hence it brings one to discover the underground band, that harkens back to the maddening guitar playing of Yngwie Malmsteen and the vocals sound similar at times to that of Lizzy Borden and hint with some influence of Kiss of the early eighties.

The opening track ‘Enigma’ throttles with an intensity before moving into ‘When Heaven Comes Down’ solid riffs, solid tracks, and the hints echo from the eighties, the early years, not the latter portion.  The third track is actually a cover song from Autograph, called ‘You Can’t Hide The Beast Inside’ a song made famous by being on the classic b-movie vampire flick Fright Night (1985) and never misses on the playing or style which honors the original nicely. The album switches to a melodic metal, borderline hard rock, sleazy tracks found on Royal Desperado, on which the drummer Tony F. Corpse appears to channel Tommy Lee of Motley Crue fame.

Another interesting track that appears in the second of the albums I call ‘Shattered To Pieces,’  which mixes a soft acoustic opening, before adding some piano and scattering it throughout the songs along with incredibly guitar riffs, the entire song contains haunting lyrics, and concerning likely the topics of depression is spreading to both personal relationships and mental illness anguish, of it well showcased in this video from the band. It’s very obvious this song contains deep meaning and importance to the band members.

The rest of tracks reinforce a certain mentality in the lyrics with the  responsibility  for oneself, to strive forward fixing and repairing the problems to achieve what someone ideally seeks, while avoiding tragedy and self-pity.

Track List:
When Heaven Comes Down
You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside
Higher Anguish
Royal Desperado
Fatal Attraction
Shattered To Pieces
Thin Ice
Mother Of Chains
Alexandria’s Genesis

Band Members:
Monroe Black – vocals, guitar
Kay Kaos – bass, vocals
Jett Black – lead guitar, vocals
Tony F. Corpse – drums

Baron’s Rating: 4.0/5

The does have a unique look, but don’t find yourselves fooled but the appearances, no gimmicks the pride themselves, passionate lyrics and incredible musicianship, that gives one a return to eighties metal.

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