Metalwings, a Bulgarian band founded in 2010, delivers symphonic metal with folk music touches, all aided by Stela Atanasova’s classically trained voice and viola player. For those unaware, the band returns with this their first full length album carrying on the Nightwish influential musical blend, complete with operatic vocals from both sexes and ranges, that works with changes in tempo and style. However, rather than a complete copy of a pure metal sound, Metalwings incorporates a lot more than that, they infuse folk melodies and sweeping classic epic portions of the songs, growing from their debut EP on May of 2016 entitled “Fallen Angel in the Hell”.

It starts with a slow and soft introduction to the opening track ‘End of the War’ before incorporating the intensity of the drums with sweeping guitars riffs, and finally the haunting vocals. The second song ‘Secret Town’ delivers another solid follow-up track never faltering for the listeners, showing a new wave of passion for lyrics and what they’re giving the fans.

However, by the third song, ‘Immortal Metal Wings’ one clearly understands their foundation of the Symphonic Metal music that contains  a sweeping epic sound that sets the tone for anyone slightly confused of Metalwings’ intention and direction. ‘A Wish’ combines some brutal riffs with beautiful vocals of Atanasova’s wonderful voice with a balance with keyboards, and drums as an overlay, that moves swiftly into ‘There’s No Time’ which involves wonderful melodies for the listener to become lost in the epic fantastical lyrics. The seventh and eight tracks truly sum up their entire album For All Beyond and Realm of Dreams, giving a passionate plea and wonderful transitions from tone and style that might remind one of Cradle of Filth meeting Metallica on the track ‘Orion’, yet containing a subtle hint of Celtic influences. ‘Tujni Serza’ a beautiful track in their native language, quite calming while far remove from the metal genre.

Track Listing:

End of the War

Secret Town

Immortal Metal Wings

When We Pray

A Wish

There’s No Time

For All Beyond

Realm of Dreams

Tujnu Serza

For All Beyond (Orchestral Version) – Instrumental

Fallen Angel in the Hell

Fallen Angel in the Hell – Instrumental

Metalwings sounds similar to many other symphonic metal bands, such as Nightwish who set ablaze this new path, many new others likely to follow, which is always the case, with any genre, therefore if one seeks to explore new creations in music then seek them out in the symphonic/gothic metal.

Baron’s Rating: 4.0/ 5.0

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