Yes, it’s true we continue to be off in the dates to publish, but everyone’s so supportive of my efforts, and I realize I am editor and primary writer, and without my continued production there’s no issue, why isn’t there other writers, that is quite an interesting question, which I have no answer. Nevertheless, the machinery over here at the crypt and chamber will grind through the slicing and slaughter to deliver another great issue from The Horror Times. Yes my family crisis continues, however as my father’s motto “suck it up and push onward, carry-on the fight”.  As many know we in the horror community lost Sid Haig, and was informed that Ryan Nicholson, an Indie Horror Filmmaker and Makeup Effects Artist has passed on; too, in a future issue I will pay the proper respects to both these individuals.

As you read this it’s just about mid-way in the October the high holy month for Horror Fans, and I don’t do a special 31 day countdown, rather I produce solid reviews on various aspects of horror, and with demand for Television Horror as wells DOA reviews those segments are returning, if you’re unfamiliar then fret not, TV-horror represents the small screen movies, rather limiting to an episodes or a series and the DOA’s are the worst of the worse, those horror films that rank under 2.9 rating on IMDb, or those based on bogus ratings.

In addition, from the owner of the site, the demand for an article on Scooby-Doo, who celebrates his 50th birthday, and when the boss asks (requests) you all know this one, you do it. This month’s anniversary article is The Bat (1959) which starred Vincent Price. While have yet to include the Upcoming Podcast section, there shall be shows and we’ll ad them in as they occur, it is an on-going process. Also, I’m working on some special articles for next month, so stay tuned and thanks to Sean Haitz for sending a screener of his movie Big Top Evil, which the review is found this month. As for those comments concerning Testament of Horror, it is a true work in progress with next year including more pictures and links, however, I have to clean it up thoroughly first, because so often if a film has a ghost or witch in it, that doesn’t mean it’s horror, for example is Casper the friendly ghost horror, nope.

Lastly, if you’re working at a haunted house attraction, or your child wishes to work there perhaps next year, go one tour of it, learn about their practices, so often at least one teen a year is either injured, killed or sexually assaulted, I love the attractions and hate some of the practices which occur, I’ve worked at a few and they really range in quality, I simply want everyone to enjoy the holiday. Remember the best sales on Halloween merchandise occurs on November 1st, which is our version of Black Friday, but you’ll the risk wait too long you likely lose out on something.

Oops I forgot to mention this issue assembly is occurring for the first time at the NJ Horror Con and Film Festival, in Atlantic City, NJ, I spent all my time getting one of our largest collection of reviews done in quite some time, it still doesn’t have everything on our check list, eventually that will happen.


Until next month enjoy these ghoulish treats!


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief