Sinister Death – Thee Abomination to Decency show – purely Offensive!

July 25, Thursday at 1130p EST from NJ–135th-extreme-show

SPECIAL SHOW: Featuring long tracks!

Blaze of Perdition – Ashes Remain

Abigail Williams – Beyond the Veil

Denial of God – The horrors of Satan

Skyglow – Thousand Years of Terror

Olkoth – Ancient Black Flame

Unmasked – Drenched in Blood

Impiety – Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny (38-minute track!)


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July 18, Thursday at 1130p EST from NJ–134th-extreme-show

Countess – Where Eagles Die

Eternal Helcaraxe – All the Battles to Come

Bestial Warlust – I, The Warrior

Goat Worship – Falklands War

Violent Hammer – Extinction (Nuclear War)

Grim Vision – War Machine thx:

Nucleus – Mechanical Warfare

Decrepit Soul – The Coming of War

Expander – War Terminal_ The True Front Line

Infest – Hail the Mother War

Byyrth – Blood Warfare

Doomsday Ceremony – Vultures of War

Attila – Defcon 1 [no info]

Goatmoon – Warrior

Justabeli – Cause the War Never Ends

Internal Decadence – War

Casket Robbery – From Hell

Circle of Indifference – Welcome to War

Psychomancer – Chant of the War Demons

Allfather – Warlust [no info]

Stormlord – War (The Supreme Art)

Skewered – Pawns of War

Unholy Archangel – Titan Battle I


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Playlist for SINISTER DEATH EP#133  – which aired on July 7, Sunday–133rd-extreme-show

Casket Robbery – From Hell

Celtachor – Conn of the Hundred Battles thx & label:

Menhir – Warrior of the North

Bölzer – Hero

Excruciation – Last Warrior

Soulburner – The World is at War

Pulvis Et Umbra – Architects of War

Hellgoat – Warmarch Anthem

Gravewurm – Ancient Storms of War

Sturmtiger – Trench Warfare

Abominator – Black Mass Warfare

Aggressive Mutilator – War of Armageddon