Screamin’ Horror

Is a show that feature horror Themed music it airs one a month.

This page will feature a playlist, videos, and pictures of the bands on that show.

SCREAMIN HORROR EP0009 JULY 31–horror-theme-music-9th-show

The Jasons – Welcome Home (Camp Crystal Lake)

Bile – In League (Official) (Strangeland)

45 Grave – Partytime (Return of the Living Dead)

Bog Oak – Phantasm (Main Theme)

Ferrett – Jason Lives

Halloween Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – HALLOWEEN 2018

Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians – The Marsten House

Boggy Creek – Boggy Creek (Seed 2)

Swirl – Rise Up (Ditch Day Massacre)

The March Violets – Walk Into The Sun (Awaken the Devil)

A Giant Dog – Ghostcest (All Cheerleaders Die)

Viking Guitar Productions – Where Castle, There Castle (Young Frankenstein)

Crown of Earth – Frank (Hellraiser)

Stellar Corpses – War of the Worlds

Elm Street – Metal Is The Way (Deathgasm)

Axeslasher – Mark of the Pizzagram (Deathgasm)

Beastwars – Realms (Deathgasm)

Razorwyre – The Infinite-Desert Inferno (Deathgasm)

Prowler – He Who Walks Behind The Rows (Children of the Corn)

Andrioux – Phantasm Theme

The B Movie Monsters – Salem’s Lot

Others – Burn The Flames (ROTLD)

Fog of War – They Live, We Sleep

The Psychonauts – The Monster Mash (Bobby Boris Pickett Cover)

Deceased – The Ballad of Harry Warden (My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Dance With The Dead – Nightmare On Elm Street theme (DWTD remix)

Grave Robber – Something Wicked This Way Comes

Plan 9 – War Of The Worlds

MAD AGONY – Party Time (Zombie Version) thx: Vlad (ROTLD)