Ironthorn – The Call of Silence [Official Video]
Taken from the album: Legends of the Ancient Rock | 2019
Director: Pe Cata | Produced by: Division0

Italian rock/metal group Ironthorn have released their first official video taken from their forthcoming album Legends of the Ancient Rock. The track is called The Call Of Silence and shows the band haven’t lost their touch with a hard edge sound that doesn’t forget to soar musically with catchy, memorable hooks and melodies.

“A journey into the depths of the mind, a pure euphemism that contrasts dream and reality, The Call of Silence, represents in its entirety a sort of spasmodic dualism, in the continuous search for that dimension, which leads us to escape from the bitter truth of a ruined life. This dimension is represented precisely by silence. Silence as a favorable moment or simply as the silence from which the artist draws inspiration, that “audible” silence in the dream space. In a clear stylization inspired by Lovecraft, made of nightmares and “ancient creatures”, it highlights the substantial aspect that is reality, imbued with ignorance and contradictions to make fear, dreams and nightmares after all are the fruit of a human mind.” – Ironthorn

Ironthorn are:
Luigi Pullara – Vocals

Maurizio Liberto – Guitar

Gabriele Misuraca – Guitar

Antony La Marca – Drums

Eliseo Bonacasa – Bass


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