Well, Greetings, yes, the customary late issue, but alas if I could share all the details, I would, it’s something for a much later date, needless to say it deals with being a caregiver, giving up one’s days and sometimes nights to aid and assist another person. However, the horror genre waits no one, it stalks onward looking for new prey.

First let’s revisit The Horror Times and The Baron Craze Radio Network, if you look back to last month’s Editor’s Greeting, you’ll recall the meltdown we had with BTR (BlogTalkRadio) and how we were going to switch over to Spreaker. Well, we did that and it lasted one week, the problem, simple, we were told that we could get the all-important URL in advance of a LIVE show, guess what they couldn’t do, it generated once you go LIVE. Then you can’t create shows in advance there’s no calendar. However, if you load pre-recorded shows, then you can get a customized link, and even chosen the day and time to publish on a different sub-menu page. Confusing? Yes, very much so, therefore we will stay for now with BTR and continue to do LIVE shows, this after we took a poll, and overwhelming the response were for LIVE shows. The Upcoming Podcast Section, has returned and all shows are listed, this weekend I will pick the dates for the shows, all 8 of them.

Now onto more interesting topics, you’ll notice in the Press Releases one for Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, now I know – wait that’s not horror, and you are correct, the film does deal with Sharon Tate sand Charles Manson. However, one of the things when I took the opportunity to become the editor of this site, (I Do Not Own It) was that I am a fan of multiple cinematic movies, and hence when on Rogue Cinema I wrote on various genres of movies. So this movie has my favorite non-horror actor in it, Al Pacino, and I’ll being reviewing, that does mean I’ll review in time a selected few films of his. You’ll notice two movies of Alfred Hitchcock, my all-time favorite director, and without a doubt I shall always review all his movies, to show that he was and always will be the Master of Suspense, no other director has ever taken that title.

Lastly,  included is a review of a pure sci-fi movie, (not a horror-sci-fi crossover) the reason for its inclusion, first it is connected to the movie “Them!” (1954), but that there’s few of these movies that interest me and shall be reviewing them in the future.

Therefore, with that, I would like to thank you for words and actions of support, for liking our Facebook page, and enjoying the YouTube page, soon we’ll be announcing our next giveaways, so stay tune for that, and if there’s ever a horror movie would you like me to review just let me know, and if you like to write for us, contact us, until the next issue enjoy Issue #21, fiends and friends.


Baron Craze

Horror Historian and Editor in Chief