There will be two shows this month April 21st and 25th

SINISTER DEATH APRIL 21 EP#128 12a–128th-extreme-show

This show is our Infamous Easter Show, but with a twist, after the burning of Notre Dame in France, we have the second hour of the show dedicated French Black Metal. Here’s the playlist:

Decayed – Burning the Priest

Necrosadistic Goat Torture – Sermon for the Weak

Beastcraft – Baptised in the Lake of Fire

Anwyl – Ravenous Purity of Warring Death [NO INFO]

Seeds of Hate – Persecution of Christian Filth [NO INFO]

The Last Twilight – Initiation Ceremony

Celestial Bloodshed – Gospel of Hate [NO INFO – SPLIT-UP]

Abigail – Hellfire and Damnation

SAD – Tricked by the Light

Eternal Helcaraxe – Burning Light

Behexen – Chalice of the Abyssal Water

Sonn av Skogen – Pagans’ Death [NO INFO]

Affliction Gate (France) – Devising Our Own Chains

Belenos – Gorsedd

Vermeth – The Gates of Chaos [NO INFO]

Total Satan – Total Satan [NO INFO]

Kronos – Infernal Abyss Sovereignty

Mourning Forest – A Travers les Yeux du Vide (Through the Eyes of Emptiness)

Existence – Dark Forces [NO INFO]

Years of Tyrants – Through Infamy