Shredding Metal Beasts Show Airing March 26, 2019 at 11p from NJ Show 185–185th-show

Reaper-X – Rise

Cunt Cuntly – Hangar 18 [Megadeth Cover]

Bewitcher – In the Sign of the Goat

Need2Destroy – Show

Enime – Fuck You

Smoulder – Bastard Steel

Athanasia – Nightmare Sound

Three Dead Fingers – Black Rainbow

Evil Conspiracy – Dogs of War

Lords of Salem – Rock n Roll Machine

Crusher – Thrasher in Hell

Demonik – Monster


Motive – Evil in the Devil!/MotiveAZ

Mortifex – War Cries

Crimson Slaughter – Bred to Obey

Wreck-Defy – 18oz of Chrome

Forged In Black – One in the Chamber

Parallel Minds – The Last One Kills

Extrema – The Showdown

Frenzy – Shred or Die

Deadly Sins – Thrashing Metal Anticlockwise