Alas, the much beloved New Jersey event of horror fans returns once more, on March 29 – March 31, to the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, a place where all those involved in the genre come together in a joyous celebration of their passion. Ryan Scott Weber, presents a great event, that’s fun for everyone, the location no longer contains gaming hence families are welcome, it’s definitely not the stereotypical mentality of it being just fathers and sons; mothers and daughters equally welcome to attend. Those that came last year, saw the potential for vendors and guests, and they likely delivered on the guest list, which keeps increasing at the time of this writing.

As the growing trend occurs of conventions celebrating reunions (which actually is a wonderful concept), The NJ Horror Con, doesn’t miss a beat, with seven of them (perhaps even 8), now I’m not going to list them all, you’ll need to attend to figure it all out, but here’s a few. First (not in any order) Pet Sematary from the original movie released 1989, Miko Hughes, Denise Crosby Dale Midkiff and recently Brad Greenquist who portrayed Victor Pascow, in my humble opinion a big draw for the fans, especially with the remake ready to pounce at the theater.

Then, the sci-fi and comedy flick from 1985, Back to the Future, which many know spawned two sequels, a family fun flick, Biff (Tom Wilson), in attendance how some might recall him from April fool’s Day (1986), and Lea Thompson (Jaws 3-D), as well as James Tolkan and the famed Time Machine Car. Another film which happens to be celebrating its 35-anniversary is some of the cast of Ghostbusters including Ernie Hudson, Jennifer Runyon (who recently starred in Jimmy Lee Comb’s Terror Tales along with Felissa Rose) and Timothy Carhart.

Followed by Gremlins that has Zach Galligan and Frances Lee McCain, which likely many of the questions involving this one surround Dick Miller, who the horror world recently lost.

In addition, many others will be in attendance, for example, Damien Leon and David Howard Thornton, the director and Art the Clown, respectively of Terrifier, which just announced the finished script for part 2, planning an insane story.

One cannot omit the former child stars announced early leading up to the event Butch Patrick of The Munsters and Harvey Spencer Stephens “Damien” from The Omen (1976). Another fan favorite spoken about on numerous Facebook threads, Adrienne Barbeau, who’s horror resume is quite lengthy, her line likely nuts but always respectful. That’s what make these conventions so incredible to the fans and politeness often share, as is what someone is getting signed.

Felissa Rose joins the cast of guest stars, as does returning stars among them Tiffany Shepis (who’s likely hosting the LIVE awards show again, so cool if that happens); Ari Lehman, John Russo, Linnea Quigley, and Amelia Kinkade, hint in that listing hides a special 7th and 8th reunions. Not telling venture forth to find and discover new horrors.

Lastly, Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 is having a small reunion with Mark Patton and Kim Myers with a Special Engagement included in the price of admission with legendary filmmaker Mick Garris  on both Friday and Saturday nights, excellent feature to the stellar show of which I didn’t mention every guest because it’s so much better to see them in person than merely reading about it the beforehand.

Therefore, attend the event, then merely sharing or commenting on the posts, threads, tagging photos all from the confines of your homes, especially since many speak volumes of getting that spotlight, and this year there more filmmakers achieving that spotlight. Get your tickets, visit the vendors, see some stars, and become part of the show too!