at 11p Eastern Standard Time–183rd-show

This is an very offensive show, twice a year we air a show that features either songs, the special f-bomb in the song / title

As long as the BlogTalkRadio lives so does the link.


Mortified Mortician – Fuck Off

Thrasshole – Eat Fuck Kill

HELLCOWBOYS – Fuckin’ Hard Day

POUNDER – Fuck Off and Die

Chris Violence – Fuck Shit Up NO INFO ON BAND/ ARTIST

Iron Reagan – Fuck the Neighbors


Terrifier – Drunk as Fuck

National Suicide – What the Fuck Is Going’ On?

Motor – F O A D

Generichrist – Fuck to Get High

Kraptor – Fucking Liar

Psychostick – NFSW

Stagewar – No Fucks Given

Warlord UK – The Fucking System Live

Proll Guns – Fucking Troublemaker

Battlecreek – Fuck the Demon

Razorwyre – (FOBF) Fight or Be Fucked

The Hookers – Rape Your Fucking Corpse

Booby Trap – Shut the Fuck Up

V for Violence – What The Fuck

Al B Damned – Motherfucker

Leathermask – Motherfucker(s)

PANDEMIC OUTBREAK – Fuck off and Die

Poison Rites – Fuck My Mind

Bonehunter – Acid Fuck

Scepter (US) – Fucking Metal Motherfuckers NO INFO ON BAND

Hexenizer– The Fucking Horny Witch of Hell

X-Method – Brutal as Fuck