11p Eastern Standard Time

Thrashing Madness found here!–181st-thrashing-show

Chainbreaker – Lethal Desire

Anacrusis – Terrified

Balance Interruption – Virus in System

Exalter – Nuclear Punishment

Fog of War – Nuclear Nightmare

Dr Shrinker – Tighten the Tourniquet

Space Eater – Passing Through the Fire to Molech

Jason Rodriguez – End Game [NO INFO ON THE BAND/ ARTIST]

Hemoragy – The Crazy Race

Bless the Dead – Drinking Me

Witchnight – Die By the Blade

Mechanix – My Style

Pounder – Fuck Off and Die

Wolfs Moon – Curse the Cult of Chaos

Grin – Mental Hole

Tytus – The Storm that Kill Us All

Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Ironfists

Speedwhore – Born to Speed

Crusher – Thrasher in Hell

Thrashit – Thrashit

Aggression – Thrashing Your Brain

REACTORY – Thrash and Speed

Kraptor – Thrash is Back

Korgull The Exterminator – Axe Thrash Attack

Motor – F O A D

Apokalyptik Warrior – Straight to Hell

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11p Eastern Standard Time

Thrashing Madness found here!–180th-show

*** IF you miss the live show, the link works at anytime ***


Dawn of Azazel – The Art of Seduction I Engine of Virility

Tankard – Shit Faced

Hyades – Shut the Fuck Up

Silvertonguedevil – Full Spectrum Dominace

Hypertension – Deluge Of Blood

Savior From Anger – Deathburst [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Vampyr (GER) – Mercy Killing [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Raped Ape – Land of Broken Promises

Chainbreaker – Hellbound [from Lethal Desire – 2/15/19]

Critical Defiance – Spiral of Hatred

Blitzkrieg – First Strike [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Kamelot – Wings of Despair

Running Wild – Pile of Skulls

Deathwish – Demon Preacher

Pyramaze – Obsession

DRAGHORIA – Taste of the Serpent

Sichgart – Forpost

Backstabber – No Privacy

Fatal Violence – Faces of Death [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

WOLFEN – White Chapel

GRIN – Need To Be A Human Https://Www.Facebook.Com/Grin666/

Hemoragy – Turning Into a Lush

Nuclear Devastation – Wolves of Hades

Epi-Demic – Nuclear Dream

Gaia Epicus – Hellfire

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