Mysterious Void – 3rd Industrial Gothic Show–3rd-industrial-gothic-show


5 Times Zero – Frozen

Ikon – Love Is Colder Than Death

Gates of Dawn – Hypothermia

Dusk to Dawn – Not This World

Versus – Drifting Away [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Andreas Gross – Winter’s Day [NO INFO ON THE BAND]

Florian Grey – A Cold Days Night

Eigensinn – Eiskalt (Freezing)

Northern Sadness – Eternal Solitude

Voodoma – Masquerade In Dark

Karmic Link – Endless

Dynamic Syndicate – Blackened Sky

Acidcell – Children Of The Night

Downstairs Left – Out Of Reach

Place4Tears – Illusion

Pat Berdysz – Graveyard Dead and Buried Remix

Reactive Black – When I´m dreaming

The Frozen Autumn – White On White

Nox Interna – Lost in Nowhere

Mindstrip – Cold Like You

Me.Man.Machine – Craving

Lost Area – Mirror

Lolita Komplex – Your Misery

Extize – Gothbusters