Originally this film had the title of Beautiful People, which actual plays a little on contradictory of the two personalities of people who they are and what they show others, nevertheless the new title Dead House was filmed in Rome, Italy. Director Brini Amerigo makes his debut both in taking the helm of this film and as screenwriter assisted by Andrea Cavaletto (Hidden in the Woods [2012]) and Marco Palese, which combines the genres of Thrillers, Horror, and sub-genres of Home Invasions and undead (YES, Zombies!). An important note this movie, is in English, though with varying accents but still manages to convey the story and entertain the audience, while receiving distribution, finally from Wild Eye Releasing.

The home invasion thrillers have become more and more popular, such as Keep Watching (2017) only a matter of time the category would have a crossover into the zombie arena, but this round involves zombies, clearly noted from the box art. Noting the first part of the film the brutality of overly bleak relates back to the killers’ mentality Last House on the Left (1972) and waltzes with Funny Games (2007).  This movie contains no levity, absent is a comedic line to break any tension, pure psychological torture, traumatization of situational horrors.

Three killers hellbent on causing terror and indulging sickening deprave actions, of rape, force sexual intercourse, robbery and sheer willful murder, all capture on cellphone video for unknown reason perhaps a masturbatory relief of the twisted minds’ enjoyment. The film starts with what appears a couple making love, but quickly enough the husband turns his wife onto her belly apologizes for the possible act of sodomy, the camera pulls back to show to show a gang leader Nibbio (Danny Cutler) verbal insulting them, as his gang watches intently. However, adding to the torture, their teenage daughter must sit in silence and watch the act, it’s this moment wonders is this going to follow the path of A Serbian Film (2010), the scene contains more shock than repulsive behavior, nevertheless the bloodbath does ensue in glorious detail.  A hard cut to the Pontecorvo family, a tad unsure how the killers located this distant home, but never slows the storyline, it’s here where one realizes the review becomes slightly cryptic as not to ruin some of the character arcs and the second half twists. For a moment one needs to note the other two henchmen, first Testamento (Alex Lucchesi (Alienween [2016]), who enjoys every disgusting act he finds involved perhaps except for one, and Nibbio’s younger brother Brett (Alex Southern), the videographer, and seems unable to face the realities of family tortures, but gets a curious amount of screen time in the second half of flick, and makes for a few odd personal life choices. Meanwhile John (David White (The Wicked Gift [2017]) & Elena (Kate Marie Davies (Dead Love [2018]) Pontecorvo, have a strained relationship perhaps based on lies, or well protected secrets. Dr. John’s experiments show his own ruthlessness and how his humanity is a villainous monster, all hiding the zombies, and destruction of civility.  Many characters in the film involve themselves to a varying degrees of deceit, disrespect and lawlessness, showing that their skin is merely a costume for their horrendous actions, what actual are, needs for one to view the film.

Some critics state the film stumbles to find a relevant reason for all of its violence, I disagree, these killers, are purely physical forms of a person, there’s no decency left; seeking morality in an immoral situation a hopeless endeavor. Even in real life individuals attract themselves to chaotic moments for reason, they wear the mask of a person to hide their monstrous attitudes, hence zero rationale one can apply to the story. If one watches the extras which I advise you to do so, you can see the actor Danny Cutler, seems confused and frightened of his own character, as he crosses a line, yet doing to escape the comfort one as actor. The movie champions practical effects and giving a good amount of gore and grossness, all thanks to David Bracci, Alessandro Catalano and Enrico Galli.

The film again truly offers no reasons for the violence, and actually that works the best for the movie, we the viewers really don’t need to know the whys for their motives, it makes it all more frightening. Otherwise not a perfect movie, but the cruelty extends to past the principal characters, showing people for their villainy while championing their righteous and also teasing a possible sequel.



Who is the real monster?




IMDb Rating: 4.1/10

Baron’s Rating: 4.5/10