Many films today buck against the system of political correctness, and more than not it’s in the genre of horror, which likely plays on the edge of decency and offensive behavior especially when a movie is an independent project, and most of normal society rules never apply. However, there’s still a level most won’t pass, this production blows right past them, first one needs to understand this flick throws nearly everything into the movie passing less in comedy and more into parodies; it does plenty vulgar, crude, rude, crass thoroughly unbecoming humor extending plenty of weird scenes, but all gets onto the screen thanks to crowdfunding and Matt Frame’s tenacious dedication to his film, using a budget of CAD 35,000 (equal to estimated $26,000). Matt penned the script and screenplay however he had 18-story writers on his project, outstanding feat, for any project, but a massive downfall, too many hands in the cookie jar, it muddles the path of the film. First noting, there’s no previous parts one or two, it targets mainly Friday the 13th III in 3D, with its title and presentations of the opening credits, but also portions of Sleepaway Camp (1983), The Burning (1981), Caddyshack (1980), and Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983). Matt’s film achieved distribution through Frame Forty Films and will be available on Amazon Prime in February of 2019.

Before I begin this review, I wanted to state that this is not my kind humor, it surpasses that of Porky’s, however since I am both a Horror Historian and a reviewer, it is my job to watch all movies from the status of wretched to glowing b-movies and onward stellar quality, I no way endorse much of the comedy presented in this flick. Nevertheless, I am a firm believer that humor and comedy shouldn’t come as forced, it must be natural and the scene sets the mood, not the joke creating the scene, the best one-liners or ab-libs in films often come from the spontaneous creations of actors; not all actors can do comedy. Often movies spoof slashers, fairly easy, Scary Movie franchise made a fortune on it, and used slapstick comedy complete with pratfalls.

The movie starts in black and white with a silly flashback sequence of the spree killer Johann Van Damme (Terry Mullett) chasing the final girl who uses a vulgar hand puppet as the representation of his mother, just as Amy Steel did Friday the 13th, Part 2.  Then a newspaper montage giving backstory while injecting actor names noting that the puppet later escapes – I know, what you’re thinking, WTF. A lapse of time occurs and camera pans us to meet a highly inefficient and whiny Todd Boogjumper (Dave Penuik (The Evil in Us [2016]), camp leader of Camp Crystal Meph aka Camp Death, which we learn was at one time briefly a Jewish retreat camp. This new camp is now a rehabilitation for both mentally ill and criminally insane individuals, playing a bit on that of Friday the 13th, Part V. Assisting Todd is Rachel (Angela Galanpolous), who has a quirky link to the camp and his Uncle Mel (Darren Andrichuk), whose unmerciful to Barry (Chris Allen), wheelchair-bound counselor, as well as insensitive to everyone else. The Camp guests arrive on Wednesday 11th, thanks to title card and begins the countdown to the infamous Friday the 13th (oh my).

Onward with the movie, a squirrel attacks Mel repeatedly, hence a reference to the groundhog in Caddyshack (1980), this later leads to the world’s slowest car chase, horrendous CGI work and another goofy sequence in the film. In addition, the killer obviously took a lesson in killing from the film Student Bodies (1981); herein, using a plunger and even a semi-automatic firing toaster which shoots toast at a victim, by the way never reloading and kills a person. It’s a missed opportunity again for better comedy the victim could give a sarcastic remark anything better than what’s occurring. Again, the comedy all feels forced, but wait at approximately 46:16 a chase scene of the killer occurs using Return of the Jedi’s Speeder Bikes and lightsabers (a brief hint of humor of how to turn on one, becomes an interesting gag).

The ending it carries on for too long, sputtering into a tailspin loony involving Santa costumes, a talking head on a drone, and a raft/ boat flying through the air, sheer madness. In addition, one can’t overlook Leslie Schwetz funny and almost spot impression of Carol Locatell, in which both actresses portrayed the character of Ethel, well known in Friday the 13th, Part V.


The treatment towards the character Barry, definitely unfunny, in fact unsure of the intent of the filmmakers to treat his character so negatively, first with Uncle Mel kicking him as he’s out of his wheelchair, puzzled as to how’s that funny. Later the same individual cannot maneuver up a series of steps into a cabin, so instead he keeps ramming his legs into the steps, again how is it funny, it’s insulting. The movie fills itself with numerous unfunny comedic moments, while layering the scenes with some gore effects, reling too much on CGI, rather than practical, big mistake, although a plus comes from the beautiful aerial filming shots.

Therefore, I still can’t believe this movie, the numerous disabled so-called jokes, aided by a missing plot and strange killing methods, one could hope acting in move all does as a form of exaggerated or overacting the scenes, but it never feels that polished, clever, it boils over with silliness, and volumes of insulting behaviors, I suppose it depends on what you deem as humor. If this review does anything it should warn you strongly about the film, avoid if you have morals, values, easily offended and upset by content against anyone disabled. It doesn’t contain the laughs of Zombeavers (2014), or any of the countless other horror comedies on the market, even the taglines forewarn you about this flick, best bet save your eyes.


  • Terror Has Two Dimensions!
  • Sometimes Terror Can’t Be Smelled.
  • This Movie is Stupid.
  • This Movie is Super Stupid.
  • The Most Horrible Good Movie Ever!

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

Baron’s Rating: 3.0/10