(December 30th, 2018)

  • Genre – Death Metal
  • Release Date – December 30th, 2018
  • Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
  • For fans of – Bloodbath, Crawl, Paganizer, Henry Kane, Gatecreeper, Ursinne, Nattravnen, Heads For The Dead, Entombed, Dismember

Swedish death metal veterans Feral unleash their fiercest album till date. ‘Flesh For Funerals Eternal’ sets new standards for the style entirely, taking forward the existing template and expanding upon in every way possible. They’re not here to reinvent but to solidify in every imaginable way. The album is faultless – it’s got everything the style needs and in the right doses. The production keeps it delectable and the gnarly artwork by the master artist Costin Chioreanu only brings to life their twisted yet meticulous music. Feral are at the forefront of the Swedish death metal scene right now and are armed to teeth to drop what could be the best album this style needs.

Band lineup –
David Nilsson – Vocals
Viktor Klingstedt – Bass
Markus Lindahl – Guitar
Sebastian Lejon – Guitar
Roger Markstorm – Drums

Artwork and layout by Costin Chioreanu (Cerebrum, At The Gates)

Track listing –

  • Vaults Of Undead Horror
  • Black Coven Secrets
  • Gathering Their Bones
  • Dormant Disease
  • Of Gods No Longer Invoked
  • Accursed
  • Horrendous Sight
  • Stygian Void
  • Buried
  • Bled Dry


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* Kunal Choksi – thanks