THE BOOGEYMAN – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP. Released by One Way Static. Pressed on Purple vinyl. Limited to 300 worldwide.  $28

THE BOOGEYMAN was a 1980 slasher film starring John Carradine, which became a “slasher genre” hit and made the UK’s banned ‘Video Nasties’ list. Two sequels also produced in 1981 and 1983. To underscore his film, Lommel needed a soundtrack that fitted the times like the synth-based John Carpenter styled soundscapes used in HALLOWEEN, for this he turned to Tim Krog and his team ‘Synthe-Sound-Trax’ (SST for short) composed out of Jan Barlett and Ed Christiano. This trio produced a soundtrack far more progressive and unique than one might expect. Moving easily between traditional melodies and more experimental textures, The BOOGEYMAN’s score is a superb example of an economical but highly effective scoring style that would be prevalent throughout the ensuing decades.