Sometimes the best plans go completely awry just like any zombie movie, when someone says “we’ll meet here” it never goes right, when this month had that same experience at The Horror Times headquarters. My computer system finally gave it all, a 15-year-old desktop system, yes you read it  right, died, though able to resurrect it, partially this affected other podcast shows and productivity slowed way down. Hence, now arrange to invest in a new powerhouse, and return us to a steady level of reviewing more reviews, it’s a light month. Oh, I must state something this site is NOT my personal own site, it is owned by someone else, who chose me to head it up, I applied for the position to write for a new site in February of 2017 didn’t hear anything for months, some people stated it was my personal site, I wanted to fix and correct that position.

Now some good news, The Horror Times – Unleashing Horrors, premiere podcast launched amazingly successful on July 25th, this show redone from the initial conceptual designed on Baron’s Crypt and discussing both the films released in the month of July and tasty morsel of future productions not on anyone’s radar. Therefore ‘Unleashing Horrors’ airs once a month, normally the last Wednesday of each month, except in October it’s on Wednesday 24th, as Halloween falls on the last Wednesday. I will keep everyone aware of the next broadcast.

Our two contest winners extremely happy with their prize boxes, and we are readying the next 2 for November giveaways, just in time for  the holidays, hence a total of 4 prizes in a short 13-months of operations of The Horror Times. We have even more exciting news to roll out in August and the rest of the year.

We started our Halloween countdown noting the new products made available while we rolled out 24 press releases and 4 New Releases as well as 11 Press Releases for Metal Music, likely to increase as we get closer to October and our 1-year anniversary.


Baron Craze
Horror Historian and Editor in Chief