“With Courage and Despair” marks the second album from the German band The Legion:Ghost, a group unafraid to experiment within the metal scene. While customary the fast guitarists, though not to the level of a speed or thrash band, and Kevin Kearns screams his vocals, yet every word clearly heard. Their new album released on March 16, 2018 released by NOIZGATE Records compete with 12 songs totaling 53:32 and better regarded in the Modern Metal genre in the form of scream and clean singing format.

The album begins with “Discharged,” but by fourth track, “The Counterweight,” it serves for clear understanding what type of music representation is displayed on this album. However, the tenth track “Sex Up,” just loses me as a listener, overall the lyrics on many of the tracks work, but this one I can do without. As for understanding their genre, Modern Metal, yes it has the growling vocals, drifting more into clean, than just scream, but the powerful drums assist nicely, yet the melodies seem torn as to either shred or play it smoother. The shocking track #12 called Swansong, starts with piano and wholesome clean vocals not exactly a ballad, definitely not a Skid Row ‘I Remember You’ this song really doesn’t fit into the wheelhouse of a typical metal fan… Then again, this band not the typical band, as the music becomes grandiose by then end, and fits into Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever”.

Track Listing:

  1. Discharged
    2. No Happy End
    3. Thy Will Be Done
    4. The Counterweight
    5. Xenophobia
    6. Family Ties
    7. Take Away My Scars
    8. For The Greater Good
    9. F60.0
    10. Sex Up
    11. Until The Day We The
    12. Swansong



Kevin Kearns (vocals)

Klaus Sommer (guitar)

Uli Werner (guitar)

Markus Ganzmann (Bass)

Ben Overmann (drums)


Therefore, The Legion:Ghost shows that they will likely continue their own unique style and open to listeners and metal fans seeking creatively different to stretch from hard rock to metal, yet still remain in a cleaner format. When the words of groove and melodies start surrounding many of the tracks the lyrics varied greatly, from aggressive to mellow it becomes a tad more that this metal fan can carry onward, hence be forewarned for what’s in store for while the talent lays there the interest greatly sways.

Baron’s Rating: 3/5


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