Well, fans it’s time to launch another year of the treasured NJ Horror con this time in April for 3-days of wonderous fun, excitement and allowing them that opportunity to meet the guests, see independent films, and attend Q&As, to discover even more about these beloved movies. There’s plenty for them to do and see at the convention, especially since it’s made and designed by fans of the genre and keeps them in mind when creating each season of a new event. While some might complain about the layout they need to understand that creator and director Ryan Scott Weber and is vast team of staff and volunteers, are at the mercy of both the Showboat and Atlantic City.


Now when you attend, and believe it for some this is their first horror con, it’s clearly marked where to line up for the tickets and fret not if it doesn’t start on time, the vendors are not selling out of everything and the guests will be there, understand there are Pro Photo Ops occurring sometimes in costumes and Q&As something is always going on at this incredible event. So, what to do, all right, let’s say you are a day tripper and not staying overnight, with limited money Friday night is get you autographs, so far everyone is slated to be there all 3-days, the primary draws likely to be Sandy Johnson of Halloween [1978] fame. But you want the best bang for the buck then go on Saturday because you have the Q&A panels, a truly incredible Cosplay Contest; a Film Fest, a live award show which isn’t that long and more of a laid-back comedic treat, and plenty of time to meet the guests.

That Film Festival, often gets overlooked, but shouldn’t be, think about it so many new filmmakers sharpen their fangs for these opportunities and this one lasts all three days, starting st 630p on Friday and lasting to 5p on Sunday. There’s a special screening of Jack Be Nimble presenting after the awards show.

We have returning fan favorites Barry Bostwick from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and then just announced the legendary John Russo, also coming back from 2019 is both Mark Patton and Kim Myers from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2; in addition is Alex Vincent who has been to a lot of the NJ Horror Cons, if you recall he was at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ with some still noting he was one in 2017. WOW! He definitely enjoys the fans at the meet and greets, as does Felissa Rose and Tiffany Shepis, both of these talented stars enjoy dazzling their fanbases and attracting new ones.

And just announced Butch Patrick of The Munsters fame is returning to this beloved con, always an interesting person to meet, and for a bonus the Dragula vehicle will be on-hand for those special photo ops.

Another wonderful aspect is the special reunions, yeah every convention has them nowadays, but Ryan strives to present unique ones, for example, the film Night of the Comet [1984] a sci-fi/horror flick with a dash of comedy that starred Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney; then Friday the 13th: Part VII The New Blood [1987] is going to have Jennifer Banko, who played the little girl in the movie and then Lar Park Lincoln. But wait there’s more allow your mind to recall the film A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child [1989] we are slated to have Whit Hertford who portrayed Jacob and Beatrice Boepple as Amanda Krueger  and another tidbit on Alex Vincent he’s joined by co-starred Christine Elise, they shared the screen in Child’s Play 2 [1990] and Cult of Chucky [2017]. Elise’s fans will also recall her role in Body Snatcher [1993]!

Rounding out some of the other talented guests that’s Kristy Swanson; Joe Bob Briggs; Bai Ling; then Lynn Lowry, who starred in Pretty Fine Things [2016] a Ryan Scott Weber flick; and Ginger Lynn Allen who most know for her roles in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects [2005] and 31 [2016], remember she was in James Belsamo’s Killer Waves 2 [2020] which I contributed as an associated producer. See its all going to the con, meeting new people, and finding ways to become the horror genre, whether as a fan or filmmaker; never know who’ll you meet and find that connection within some manner.

But Wait! There’s more… As is customary this convention includes some music talents  for the fans, among them are Corey Glover, the lead vocalist of Living Colour; then from Twisted Sister fame is Jay Jay French and Mark “The Animal” Mendoza and only appearing on Saturday is the entire band of Adam and the Metal Hawks. As for a special treat afte the awards show on the Lucky Strikes stage is back by popular demand American Grim, this same area where Scaryoke takes place later into the night.

Finally, I didn’t list all the guests, too many, also be sure to visit the vendors and authors, without them conventions would be very expensive, perhaps not existing at all, be respectful of the guests, other fans, no bullying or you’ll meet the security team; therefore respect the rules carry a mask in your pocket in case a guest requires it (their choice) bring water and cash is key, also helps keep you on a honest budget. If you need sit and rest head to film fest room to check shorts and features, and if you starred in or made one, be sure to promote it walk floor, engage with the public, not hanging out with your friends, that can be done anytime it’s the time for you to launch yourself, because if you don’t and you haven’t gotten a marketing person to push you out to the forefront, the odds are stacking against the your dream is gonna be a nightmare.

Have Fun! Enjoy all the fun and Father Evil that the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival wants to offer you during April 8th to 10th, 2022!