***The Extreme in Any Manner Leaves a Lasting Impression! *** – Baron Craze

Greetings, friends, fiends, and fans of horror, well it’s time to discuss some changes at The Horror Times, the biggest one is that we’ll no longer be posting a month behind, ather staying current except when it comes to both Visions of Horror and Remembrance of the Dead for obvious reasons. Now, as to the why, simple I have no clue why we did it the other way, truly made no sense, so now it’s all current.

Next, often as many know Baron’s Crypt waits to kick off the new season of broadcasting until the last Friday in January this is honor of the first day I ever started airing of the show, it will mark the 8th year, which will continue, the shows shall have topics, and some news and the Collector’s Attic, some music too. However there’s to be a few changes, first when the owner of the site started the concept of Visions of Horror it was for me to review all those films, the problem with some many other things I do it become a massive problem and stressful, therefore, Visions of Horror will air twice a month, wherein I’ll discuss the movies I have seen, this might change to a weekly aspect it’ll be upon test basis. In addition, there’ll be some one-offs shows for example one on the film Scream [2022] (aka: Scream 5); that’ll include soundbites and interviews. I will be attempting to get guests on the show which will help us get back on track and ratchet up the tally count of episodes and reach 300 or if really lucky 350 by year end. I have been working hard to improve more horror punk and psychobilly music gets airplay on the Screaming Horror podcast show and we’ve had some success, but I’ll have to dedicate a little more time to grow this impact.

There’s a series of other things coming this year, including as you might of seen the inclusion of New Horror Comics, a weekly column, this was something I included on the Baron’s Crypt but since it very visual the artist’s work splash on the covers, I thought best to break a new area for them to excite the fans, face it, I’m a huge collector of this issues purchasing at least a dozen four times a year. This hence opens more space of the Baron’s crypt. Vincent and I split of the new wave of anniversary albums upcoming this year, though he’s already shown he’s going to step out of his safety box and explore some other music, but he’s got a style to explore music and I welcome it.

Lastly, I’m going to try to return some other features and columns, while I will start to embark on a non-fiction horror book and a few screenplays, there has been a few people wanting to restart some side projects, and I do too, so the schedule is tougher, but after a disastrous last quarter of 2021, and so may understanding folks by my side, it was wonderful. This is especially true with our view count for 2021 for The Horror Times, tallying over 225,000 views, it shattered our internal goals, and this not a manipulated number, our site builder made sure to make it nearly impossible for you to hit the refresh button and automatically increase the view count number. Also, more thanks to those taking the time to like and follow The Horror Times Facebook page, at the end of 2021 it was 3,300, and already increasing the number for this year, I don’t set benchmarks for the social media I and my team just tries to deliver quality reviews on multiple Horror Topics.

I’ve also been asked to co-chair/teach a few adult classes on Alfred Hitchcock movies, in Haddonfield NJ, dates will be posted soon, and been asked to write an extensive and thoroughly in-depth exploration of the movie The Thing [1982] for both this site and for different website.

A lot is going to happen this upcoming year I do hope you all stay safe, healthy, and having devilish grins, for the 2022 year.


Baron Craze

Horror Film Historian and Editor-in-Chief