Vampyric black metal entity BAT MAGIC will re-release its debut EP, Feast of Blood, on limited-edition (100 copies) cassette.


Feast of Blood was recorded in a Castle Under The Blood Moon anno MMXVI. Originally released by Sore Ear Collective, BAT MAGIC’s Feast of Blood will see a larger cassette reissue through Belgium’s Babylon Doom Cult Records. Featuring a new layout by Obsidian Pantheon, BAT MAGIC’s debut EP, five years in the making, will see a global release.


The re-release of Feast of Blood is due out February 4. Pre-order now at:


BAT MAGIC’s black metal is bloodthirsty, aggressive, and exists with mal intent towards mortal life. Members of the mysterious and ever-growing Ordo Vampyr Orientis circle, BAT MAGIC’s first utterance is one of power, hate, and majesty.


Ranging from evil, riff-worshiping black metal to keyboard-led passages and lengthy, lighter-raising guitar solos, BAT MAGIC’s Feast of Blood is one of the most exciting new releases in the black metal underground.




Blood Pact of Ordo Vampyr

Solis Mors

Solis Corpis


Vespertine Screech – Echolocatory Incantations

The Haunted Strigoi of Night – 6-Garroted Hell-Axe

The Ghastly Vrykolak – Possessed Cithern

He Who Drinks the Blood of Sleeping Babies – Ivory Merchant & Dealer

The Mighty Winged Necromancer – Cave Rumblings

The Impaler – Twin Stakes


*Thanks to ClawHammer PR